Even if you’ve never considered plastic surgery, there’s a new cosmetic treatment going around town that you might be on board with: ultherapy neck treatment. Ultherapy is a noninvasive skin tightening treatment that women – and men – all over the world are investing in. So what’s the deal with ultherapy treatment, and why are so many people raving about it?

The Basics of Ulterarpy Treatment

Before getting into the details of why ultherapy is so great, we must first discuss what it is. As you already know, ulterapy is a skin tightening treatment that is targeted around the face and neck. Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and loose skin around the chin start to worsen over time, and ulterapy is the solution.

Ultherapy skin tightening is 100% safe, noninvasive, and FDA-approved. When you sign up for a treatment, an ultherapy specialist will be using a machine that utilizes focused sound waves on the targeted area. The main areas to target are the brows, eyes, neck, and chin. These are areas that are greatly affected by aging and environmental effects.

The Specifics of Ultherapy Treatment

So you know that ulterapy uses focused soundwaves, but how exactly does this work? Here’s what Rejuvemedical, a top ultherapy treatment center, says about the treatment:

“Ultherapy uses sound energy, which has unique properties that allow it to bypass your skin’s surface and reach — and treat — depths that are unmatched by any other non-invasive cosmetic treatment. Ultherapy works by stimulating collagen production in your skin’s foundation, spurring your body to create new tissue. This results in a clinically significant lift of tissue over 2-3 months.”

What Makes Ultherapy Different

From the description above, you might assume that ultherapy is exactly the same as laser treatment, only with sound energy instead of light energy. In a way, they are very similar, but there are a few things that make ultherapy different from laser treatment. Both treatments use energy waves to target the skin’s core to stimulate collagen production. However, studies show that sound energy has the capability of reaching the deepest layers of skin, layers much deeper than laser treatment.

Ulteraphy Is a Much Safer Alternative to a Face Lift

The main difference between ultherapy and a face lift is that a face lift is a surgical procedure and ultherapy is not. With a face lift, you will be put under anesthesia and a surgeon will make incisions to physically lift the sagging skin on your face. With ultherapy, none of this is necessary. You’ll remain awake during the treatment, it is completely pain free, and the best part of all is that there is not nearly the same risk as there is with a face lift.

But do the two cosmetic treatments compare when it comes to results? Absolutely. Ultherapy results might take a bit longer to come about; you might need a few ultherapy treatments before you see the results you’re hoping for. But the results will come, so just be patient.