Given the lockdown which we have seen this year and the interruption of educational services, there has been a bigger demand than ever before for online tutors. Even though many schools and colleges did take their lessons online, this has not been something which could replace the classroom environment. As such, more and more families and individuals have recognized the need for additional support with their learning, through the use of an online tutor. Even now that schools and universities are reopening, there is still a great need from so many students, to get that extra support which will help them to stay on track. If you are in this boat and looking to find a tutor, here is what to look for.


Many tutors this year have broadened their horizons using their knowledge and have been tutoring individuals on a range of subjects. This may have been a smart move for the tutors but a student should really be looking to find a tutor which specializes in the subject with which they require help. It is not just about having the knowledge of the subject but also recognizing how the subject is currently taught, and what knowledge the student requires, this is something which is only really understood by those who specialize in it.


This is of course not to say that any new tutor will not be as good as someone who is experienced, but in the current climate you are not going to get as good a chance to speak with the tutor in person to find out what they are capable of. With this in mind then, it is a far better idea to search for a tutor online which is going to be able to offer you some testimonials and reviews from those who have worked with them in the past. This will give you confidence in who you will be working with.


An online tutor charges a price which should represent their level of experience and their ability. Unfortunately however, there are some who do not have a solid understanding of what they should be charging and many of those end up charging higher prices than they should. Cheap prices are attractive of course but they won’t guarantee quality, so the best advice is to simply find a tutor which is offering reasonable prices which are competitive with others in the area.


The role of your teacher is not to be draconian and authoritative, that is the role of your teacher. A tutor should be warm and direct, they should be empathetic too and you should feel comfortable with what they are teaching you. Most importantly you have to be able to gather information and knowledge from a tutor without too much difficulty, and that will come down to what type of character they have.

Make sure that you look in multiple places to find the best tutor for you.