Appearance and self-confidence go hand in hand and when someone has a particular facial feature that is recognized for all the wrong reasons them this can really bring out some insecurities. A person’s chin is a feature that is known for being different, some stick out and some barely seem to be there at all. Many people with confidence issues tend to look at having Chin Augmentation Surgery. This can enhance the shape of a person’s chin, giving them an entirely different look all together. Having surgery isn’t just a quick fix though so if it was something that a person was considering then it should be given lots of thought and plenty of research.

Considering Chin Augmentation Surgery

If a person is seriously considering having Chin Augmentation or Implant surgery, they would first want to know exactly what is involved. Chin Augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure designed to permanently augment the size of a person’s chin with the use of an implant. Chin augmentation surgery may be performed on its own, or it is often combined with Rhinoplasty, in order to achieve the best facial balance. The procedure usually takes about one hour to complete and can be performed with local anesthesia, general anesthesia or sedation. A small incision is placed in the crease beneath the chin which, when mature, results in a well-camouflaged, imperceptible scar. Surgeons tend to prefer using this incision location over an intraoral incision as it involves decreased infection rates, prevents migration of the implant superiorly, and avoids damage to the muscles responsible for lower lip movement. Once the incision is made, a silastic implant is inserted into the chin area.

Now if you’re looking to pair chin surgery with some sort of nose option, it’s very important to work with cosmetic surgery professionals who understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the best way to go about producing the results you’re expecting. You’re looking for someone like this Dallas rhinoplasty surgeon who can match different sorts of surgical therapies together in a harmonious way that looks entirely natural. It’s not worth it to try and cut costs here; you’re looking at something that will permanently augment your appearance. If you do it right, this will be a positive permanent augmentation. However, if you go with an inexpensive solution, not only are there no guarantees you’ll see the results you want, there’s a very high likelihood some mistake will be made you live with the rest of your life. The bottom line is, you want trusted professionals making the incisions, not whatever’s cheap.

Knowing Which Implant is Best For Each Individual

When considering Chin Augmentation Surgery a person may not automatically know which type of implant is best for them. The only way they can truly know is by talking to a professional, preferably the surgeon they would choose to undertake the surgery for them. Talking to the surgeon will help direct a person to achieve the best possible outcome and the most natural look for themselves. Each individuals’ facial features are completely different and what may work for one person may be the wrong choice for another. Having that discussion with a surgeon will eliminate any doubt and more often than not a person will receive an imaging of how they would be expected to look once the procedure has been carried out. Chin Augmentation Surgery will no doubt make a person look differently but if the desired results are achieved then that individual will no doubt be feeling like a new person. Their confidence will come back, they will experience joy in their appearance for the first time in a long time and they can say goodbye to any insecurities that their previous look may have caused them. Having surgery may not be for everybody so this must be a personal decision based on individual feelings and circumstaces.