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Many career-oriented individuals slowly work their way up the industry ladder, sometimes not reaching the top until decades of hard work and dedication. Once you get to the top, though, it is entirely worth it, especially if you find yourself in an executive-level position. Executive positions are the highest paying of all, but getting there won’t be easy.

This is why it might be in your best interest to hire an online executive resume writing service. Of course, there’s no need to hire a service that specializes in executive resume writing if you’re applying for an entry-level job. But if you’ve worked long enough and hard enough, it’s time to set your sights high with an executive salary. Here’s how an online executive resume writing service can help.

Professional Online Profile Updates

Updating – or even having – a LinkedIn profile might not seem that important to you, but in this day and age, it is one of the most important aspects of the job hunt. We live in a world centered on technology and social media, and that applies to professional industries more than ever. Possessing some sort of online professional profile, whether it is LinkedIn, Xing, or MeetUp, is of the utmost importance, especially for executives.

An online executive resume writing service won’t just leave you to your own devices when it comes to developing an online professional presence. The top-rated services will offer counseling sessions on how to network on professional media outlets. They’ll help you choose a professional profile picture, list out your relevant skills, and teach you how to use these helpful tools to your advantage.

Resume Writing + Optimization

These days, resume writing isn’t just about putting forth valuable information about yourself to show that you’re the one for the job. It’s way more technical than that, and it even requires keyword optimization tactics. Just as a web page is optimized to rank high for a specific search on Google or another search engine, a resume should be optimized to rank high for a specific job.

The professional resume writers can help with this. These experts use a series of analytics tools to determine a strong list of keywords that should be strategically placed throughout your resume. Most of these keywords can be found on the job posting page, some of them will include that main terms relating to the company, and some will be geared towards the industry in general.

Cover Letter Writing

If you’re applying for an executive position, there’s a good chance you already understand the importance of a cover letter. Even if a job posting states that the inclusion of a cover letter is optional, it’s really not. You should always include a cover letter along with your official resume. This is the best way to introduce yourself and let your soon-to-be employer (hopefully) know why you’re the best fit for the job. Whether you’re applying for an entry-level or executive job, a cover letter is a must. Resume writing experts can help with this.