In 2020, due to lockdowns and COVID-19 confinement, the best way to showcase a home for sale is through a virtual video tour. If you want to show an apartment or house in all its splendour, it is essential to display several fundamental requirements to arouse potential buyers’ interest. To make things easier for you, we interviewed Robert Shaw of real estate video agency The Shoot Collective to learn how to make a great presentation video of a home.


To produce a high-quality, professional-looking video, you will need the proper equipment. To begin with, you will need a decent video camera. You will find plenty on Amazon, or you could borrow one. Look for a wide lens camera and use HD when you shoot for a high resolution.

It is not recommended you cut costs by using the video camera on a phone, as although some phones have excellent cameras, you will most likely create something that leaves would-be buyers with an amateur impression. Uploading online usually involves some compression, which can make an already blurry video worse.

Another important piece of videography equipment is a tripod. A shaking hand causes choppy footage that will make viewers feel more queasy than inspired. As you shoot different parts of the home, use the zoom feature to generate an illusion of movement.

A serving trolley can also be used to move throughout the home with a continuous movement. If you do not have a serving trolley, anything flat with wheels will do, such as a senior’s walking frame.

Video editing software is imperative because it is incredibly challenging to produce footage without any need for editing. Editing software allows you to eliminate unnecessary parts, move sections around to create the right order, and add music or other sounds, making the video appear professional.

Publish strategically

If you are an agency or have a decent advertising budget, remarketing to potential clients active in the searching and buying process with a positive client testimonial video could be the nudge they need to go ahead and contact you.

However, if you are a new agency and making videos to promote brand awareness, it might not make a lot of sense to post a video that features testimonials. Instead, your viewers would probably appreciate a video that offers information about your business location and services.

Whether you have a real estate agency or not, placing your videos strategically is an especially important part of the real estate video marketing process. The effort you put into creating and editing your videos will be wasted if the right people do not see them.

Spend time planning your promotional method for each video to make sure you are targeting the correct audience with the best content at the perfect time.

Keep your videos short and to the point

Every second your video plays, more viewers will leave. This is just how viewing behaviour and attention span is: the average video only retains 37% of viewers through to the end. As a promotional clip starts to seem like a movie, viewers will lose interest and move on to the next. Your footage is also likely to be more interesting if you only include the home’s more important features.

Do not miss the obvious!

This tip might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many amateurs make this mistake! Avoid covering the camera lens with your fingers or thumb. It is important to give a sense of professionalism. If you cover parts of your home with your finger, the potential buyer will likely move onto the next property.

At the end of the day, if you can learn video marketing, your real estate business will benefit, or if you are an individual seller, you are more likely to attract leads and sell your property faster. So, why wait any longer? Go forth and shoot!