Whether your ladder needs are for your home or for corporate use, its often necessary to purchase a bespoke permanent ladder which not only fits the space, but also matches the surrounding décor and meets safety requirements.  So how can you work with a ladder company to ensure the ladder you require is produced and fitted?

Choosing a Ladder Company

There are a small number of expert bespoke ladder companies in the USA, who have reputations for quality bespoke ladders delivered and fitted to specification.  They are able to design and visualize the ladder solution for your space and ensure it fits in with surroundings, even enhancing them, and also meet health and safety regulations.

The first stage is to consult with the ladder company, they will want to come and visit the space to measure up and to understanding the material requirements and complexities of the project.  For example a ladder in a wine cellar may need to match with the wood styling and finishing of the cellar and also have extra functionality such as wheels or storage elements for safe use throughout the whole of the wine cellar area.  In contrast a twelve story building may need a functional yet sturdy and compliant fire escape stairwell on the exterior of the building.  Every project is different.

The ladder company will share with you their digital visualization of the finished product in place allowing you to ask questions or specify changes if they are possible within the design.  They will provide finish samples such as woods, paint finishes and accessories for you to select from so that the finished product will match and complement the surrounding décor.

Materials used in ladders will depend on the application and the desired final look.  Wooden ladders often have an internal metal framework so have a greater application that you first may think, but of course they are primarily for internal use as wooden ladders will deteriorate over time.  The look of wooden ladders can be altered by selecting different woods including exotic woods, and with the finish which can include natural, lacquered or painted.  Fiber glass ladders are also very versatile and can be finished with paints to make them look metal or wood.  Metal ladders again can be finished with gloss, satin, hammered or glitter effects so they don’t just look like steel ladder work from a cargo ship.

Accessories for ladders can be customized for a specific finish, such as contrasting steps, plated handles, wheels or rails.  When used in a retail environment such as a bar, hotel or wine cellar at a vineyard they can look very smart and enhance the overall look of the retail space while also providing the function required.

So bespoke ladders can be developed by a ladder company that meet your requirements, whether that is the materials used, the finished and accessories supplied or the actual design of the ladder.  Meanwhile the ladder company will ensure they are safe to use.