If you are looking to get hair extensions then the best option which you should be considering are sew in hair extensions, they really are the best option. Now given that they are the best option they do come with an extra cost yet when you consider the benefits it really does make them a worthwhile investment. When it comes to getting your hair extension be sure to find a salon which has a good reputation, or a stylist who comes recommended from someone who you know. The last thing that you want is to make a big investment like this only for some salon to give you sub-standard treatment. Here then is exactly why these particular hair extensions are the best option.


When compared with other extensions, those which are sewn in are going to last so much longer than any other option, they will not be easily pulled out which means that you don’t have to worry about them all the time. This is one area where the cost is worthwhile because instead of having glued in hair, which you need to replace regularly, the weave will remain in place, looking great, for a lot longer. Clip in hair extensions have more flexibility of course, but it can be a pain to constantly be taking your hair out and putting the extension back on again. With proper care and attention that hair can stay in place for between 6 and 8 months.

Natural Look

When we get hair extensions we need them to be installed in a way which looks natural, and this is exactly why the weave has become so popular. Naturally amongst friends and family they will notice the difference, but to someone who doesn’t know you there is no way that they could tell that you have hair extensions because the sew in look appears natural.


Of all of the ways in which you can install hair extensions the weave is bey far and away the speediest. Full extensions can be installed in less than an hour and that is yet another reason why this is such an attractive option.

No Damage

What many are not aware of is just how much damage some extensions can cause to the hair. This happens because of the weight of the extensions and the damage can cause great problems at the scalp. These sew in hair extensions however and installed in such a way that the weight of the hair is spread out over the head which results in no damage to the hair or the scalp. When it comes to safety, this is the best option for precutting the hair and protecting the scalp from the dame which so many extensions can cause.

When you are next going for hair extensions, the first option to explore are those which are weaved into the hair, and these benefits which you can enjoy is exactly why this should be your first choice.