Granny Flats began as an option to have elderly family members living closer to home. However, they have now become a greatly desired property option for many. What appeals most about these types of buildings is the minimalism which they deliver. To some this means a low-cost and eco-friendly lifestyle, but it does present challenges around the use of space.

Those who wish to buy and/or rent small granny flats, are those who will most likely have to accept this challenge and will seek to be creative in maximising the space which they do have. If this is a property type which appeals to you, here are some ideas on how you can make the most of the space.

Bathroom Tweaks

The name of the game when it comes to maximising space is using the smallest option possible. In the bathroom for example this means using a shower rather than a bathtub, offering a place to wash without filling the entire room. Another design tip to bear in mind for the bathroom is the use of accessories to make the area feel larger than it is, such as the use of a large mirror.

Collapsing Furniture

Items of furniture which are permanent in so many homes are actually used for a fraction of the day. Given that people with small granny flats can’t afford wasted space, collapsible furniture is the perfect solution. Dining tables and chairs can be broken down and stored easily, to increase space for most of the day. This can also be said for other areas of the house such as desks or even beds which can be stowed when not in use.

Combining Rooms

Combining two rooms is another great way to get the most out of the space that you have. For example, there is no real reason for a laundry room if you don’t have the space. Instead, a small area of the kitchen can be given up for the washing machine and for a small storage cupboard above. Equally you can combine the living room and dining room to create a single space for all activities.

Hooks and Wall Mounts

Maximising space in granny flats is not just about getting more square metre for your buck. For instance, wall mounts and hooks in various rooms in the property are ideal ways to increase storage and avoid clutter. This could be utensils hanging in the kitchen, a wall mounted TV or shelf space in the bathroom, all of which will help you to save floor space.

Large Windows

When it comes to granny flats Victoria has some wonderful designs and much of the modern style is about using tall windows around the property. Not only does this work well for heating the property, but it also allows the natural light to flood in. Being able to see through the walls in this way ensures that you get a feeling of space, even when it isn’t there.

The key to maximising space in small granny flats is creativity and looking to free up as many inches as possible throughout the property.