There are many interesting aspects related to the city of Los Angeles. Ask a tourist about Los Angeles and the first thing that comes to mind is the glamour in the city since Hollywood is an integral part of it. Though that is true, the history associated with the city of Los Angeles (LAX) is also very intriguing. The Los Angeles (LAX) airport also has a rich history associated with it and you would cherish your travel to LAX airport even more after you come to know about its history.

LAX airport, also known as Mines Field was constructed in the year 1928. The site was used for military purpose since that was the period of World War II. Commercial flights to/from LAX airport started in December 1946. The airport underwent significant changes over a period of time by taking the factors of urbanization and environmental impact into account. Current setup at LAX airport is an evolution that has not happened overtime!

LAX airport is considered one of the busiest airports in the world. As per a report by LAX news, close to 157 million passengers are expected to pass through LAX airport by 2020. An airport is not only defined by the infrastructure within the airport but also by the connectivity that it provides to the commuters to & fro the airport. LAX residents who travel for short-term trips prefer driving to the airport. The advantage of self-driving is that onus of reaching on time is the driver’s responsibility.

Along with the infrastructure development of LAX airport, LAX parking arrangements have also improved significantly. Though alternatives in the form of Plans i.e. Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D were proposed for the expansion; Plan D was shortlisted in the year 2005. The proposed investment was around $11B.

With the inflow of so many passengers, the parking facility at LAX airport needed to be good else it would cause a bad reputation for the airport and the businesses within the vicinity of the airport. 14,600 additional parking spaces were created at the airport so that visitors & passengers can take the advantages of short-term and long-term parking at LAX airport. Facilities to provide good travel experience were introduced in the form of Light rails and buses.

The parking area at LAX airport has connectivity to Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) as well as other terminals. This means that if you have reserved your parking space in advance, you can swiftly enter the LAX airport. There are different packing spaces at LAX airport and the charges also vary depending on the slot. 8,000 parking slots are in the central terminal and 11,000 slots can be used for long-term parking. Long-term parking can be economical if you have to park your car at the airport for a longer duration e.g. a couple of weeks/months. On the other hand, short-term parking can be used by people who have gone to the airport for dropping their guests or if they plan to park the car for a shorter duration e.g. a couple of days. There are a lot of ways through which you can save extra bucks while parking at LAX; one of them being an effective utilization of LAX parking deals & discounts.

You may wonder about the charges for short-term and long-term parking at LAX airport. The charges for Short-term parking are $3 for the first hour and $2 for every additional half-hour at the Central Terminal parking garages. Short-term parking charge at the Economy Parking Lot C is $4/hour. Offsite option for long-term parking costs around $8-$10/day. On the other hand, the onsite option for long-term parking is $12/day day at the Economy Public Parking Lot C and $30/day at all Central Terminal parking areas.

The best way to reserve a parking slot at LAX airport and save additional money is by using Way LAX parking facility. You can have a look at the available/empty parking slots and pay for the one that suits your budget and requirements. The entire booking experience via Way is seamless which means that you no longer have to circle around parking place to find the best parking place.