When it comes to writing a new piece of work, be it a story, a memo, a letter or even a newsflash, two of the most important aspects of doing so are often lost on many people, and that is planning and editing. As the world-famous writer Roger Wolfson often says, the key is in the before and after and it is with that kind of attitude that Roger has forged such a glittering career as a writer, working in TV and within the legal world using his incredible talent.

We know that you just want to get on with it when the time comes to write, but that before and after is half of the battle and here is why it shouldn’t be ignored.


Something which many don’t realize is just how much easier it is to write a piece when the structure has already been mapped out first. Setting up certain chapters or deciding to include certain pieces in certain places is the best way in which you can work within guidelines that will help you to avoid writers block or getting lost off. Mapping this out first will make writing the piece significantly easier.

Better Flow

When you just jump into writing the end piece can become a bit of a mish-mash in terms of chronology and in terms of the flow of the piece. A far smarter idea is to have it mapped out first so that you can ensure that all the info which you want to mention when discussing a certain subject is in the right place, which will ensure that the piece has a much smoother flow to it.


The main reason why you should be completing a full editing phase is that this is your chance to look out for errors in spelling or punctuation, criminal in the world of writing. Editing however is much more than this, it is in fact way more than just checking for errors it is about looking at what you have written with a fresh pair of eyes and then looking to make improvements or changes which will help what you have written to really jump off the page. There will be things which you’ve explained that you aren’t happy with, and coming back to it another day is the best way in which you can ensure it is the high quality that you are looking for.

Editing can also be used as a fact checking exercise to make sure that any claims or evidence you have put forth is in fact true. Ultimately the editing is that vital final check, where you make sure there are no errors and that what you have written is the best that it can possibly be, that is why editing is so important .

Missing out on these steps will not help you to create your best work, not by a long stretch.