You’d think that deciding on one agency specializing in reputation management services would be simple. It turns out, it’s not simple at all. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of agencies that are claiming to be the best of the best when it comes to reputation management. So who can you trust to actually get the job done?

One way of weeding out the lower-level candidates is to only focus on the first few search results when you type something like best reputation management agency into a Google search. Only focus on the professionals who show up on the first page, you can disregard any options that rank on the second, third, or tenth page of Google results.

But after you’ve narrowed it down to just three or four top choices, what happens next? You must consider the services that are being offered by the agency and think about your specific company goals. We can’t help you with the latter consideration, but to help you with the former, check out the reputation management services that the best firms are offering in 2019.

Mobile Optimization

The frequency of mobile web searching outranked desktop searching about five years ago. This basically just means that more people were searching for information from mobile devices than they were from laptops or desktops. This makes complete sense since a mobile device basically is just a tiny laptop that you can carry around in your pocket or purse.

Using a mobile device is easy, convenient, and it is more common than ever. This is why you must optimize all of your webpages for mobile browsing. If you have yet to do that, you’re falling way behind and definitely not meeting your full potential. It’s completely OK if you have no idea how to optimize your website for mobile usage because the top reputation management agencies can help.

Tools and Resources for Reputation Management

More often than not, when you hire an agency to help promote your brand, you’re also paying for access to tools and resources that can help with reputation management. Maybe you won’t be given direct access to these tools, but the experts will use tools like Hootsuite or MailChimp to move your company forward.

Boast says that “searching for your business name and combing through social media mentions isn’t an efficient way to conduct reputation management in 2019. There’s a wide range of tools that can help you automate this process in a variety of ways.” The experts will use these tools to make your reputation management strategy as efficient as possible.

Active Participation for Acquiring Positive Reviews

In most cases, piles of good reviews regarding your company won’t just appear out of think air. You need to actively participate in review accumulation, as well as review monitoring. This takes a great deal of time, effort, and patience. It’s something that you probably won’t have time to do yourself, which is where a reputation management expert comes into play.