The fashion industry is one of the major contributors to environmental pollution. According to recent studies, around 35% of clothing material in the supply chain end up as waste.

One of the reasons behind this is the tendency to junk clothes once they are out of fashion. Meanwhile, consumer use creates microfiber waste during washing which ends up polluting marine life.

Little to no attention is ever paid to the ecological concerns of fashion waste. Annual production of garments consumes an extensive amount of natural resources which are later emitted in the form of harmful greenhouse gases.

Not only that, but people continue buying and discarding clothes at a very high rate and 57% of these clothes find their way into landfills. Rubbish removal companies such as Clearabee then employ current technology to tackle the problem.

We have listed some few yet effective ways of how we can reduce the amount of clothing in landfills. These tips can save you money and aid in conserving the environment.

Re-sell or donate

According to recent studies, 95% of disposed clothes can be re-worn. Instead of tossing them into the dustbin you can simply take them to a second-hand clothing outlet for resale. There are also online sites where you can directly sell your unwanted clothes to other consumers.

Donating is still a nice option. Take your clothes to a local non-profit organization or participate in some of the available recycling programs in your area. Check out some of your rubbish removal companies for such programs.

Swap clothes

One of the easiest ways to reduce fashion waste is by swapping clothes with your friends and family. Once in a while, do meet up and bring your old pieces. A friend of yours may find something fresh among your clothes therefore reducing the bulk that goes to the landfill.


Create something new from the clothes you no longer need. Employ a DIY technique to make something new and exciting from your old skirt or t-shirt. There are plenty of online blogs that can help you come up with something creative. For instance, you can make an apron or cleaning clothes from your old skirt or turn your oversized and faded t-shirt into pyjamas.

Buy quality, buy less

When shopping for new clothes buy less and buy high-quality garments. This puts less into the second-hand system. While reselling and recycling efforts have proven useful, most clothes eventually end up in landfills because of their poor quality. We need to make better consumer decisions if we’re going to build a sustainable future.

Clearabee’s contribution to reducing clothing waste in landfills

Clearabee is one of the highest-rated rubbish removal companies in the UK. This company operates through quick and flexible clearance service plans fit for all their clients.

It offers skip bags and sacks that are cheap, eco-friendly and exactly what your home needs for rubbish removal.

All the rubbish collected is then transferred to a recycling facility where 95% of the waste is diverted. Go ahead and book a clearance through its online site and take a step forward into making the world a cleaner place.