I was really curious about all the talk which I had heard about Amazon FBA businesses and so I took to the web to find out more. During my research I discovered an online course dedicated to this offered by Nine University, given my curiosity I checked out some of the Nine University reviews to discover more about what it was about this business in particular people were so excited about.

The reviews didn’t disappoint and using those and other resources I think I finally understand exactly why so many love this business model.

Start Up Costs

One of the main problems which so many have when they want to start a business is a lack of money, which often causes people not to go into business at all. With Amazon FBA however a business can be started for as little as $1,000 and many who have started off with this amount have gone on to do very well for themselves. Naturally the more that you are able to put in, the better chance you have of making the big bucks, but a small starter fund can still get your foot in the door.


Another reason why so many like this business model is that there really is no limit as to what you can sell through your business, and you can even switch things up by offering a variation. The website itself sells a brand range fo goods and many businesses will go through stages of selling things which are hot or trending. There are also many who stick to the same thing and find great success in that as well, and the beauty here is that those with an Amazon FBA business will have the chance to choose what they want to do. This flexibility is a key part of why so many enjoy  the business model.

Hands Off

One of the biggest draws of this business model is that the owner of the business doesn’t have to do anything with regards to the handling, storage and shipping of their products. This not only makes running the business easier, it also ensures that deliveries are made at great speed and with high efficiency. All the business needs to do is source the perfect product and manufacturer and then make the arrangements for them to ship the goods to Amazons warehouse, once there the retailer will handle the rest, and ensure that the products are shipped when a customer buys.

Not having to worry about storage and shipping helps businesses to save money, to increase customer service and to minimize the level of responsibility which they have. Naturally this is a key reason why so many will look to an Amazon FBA account, and why this type of model will be a preference over a DIY style business.

Is this a business model which you would enjoy being part of? Let us know in the comments below.