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Even that the football has been suspended following the recent CoVid-19 pandemic, my roomie Nabil Fakih and I have been well and truly getting stuck in to debates around many football themes. One which has caused quite a discussion is whether or not Harry Kane will break the record of 263 Premier League goals which was set by Alan Shearer. Kane is the most likely given that Romelu Lukaku has left England and the fact that Sergio Aguero is aging, had he been 5 years younger he’d have certainly been a prime candidate.

The question is then, can Harry Kane, who is currently on 108 Premier League goals at the age of 27, keep that rate of scoring up and top the great Alan Shearer.

The Argument That he Won’t

I believe that Kane will not reach this incredible number goals, much to Nabil’s annoyance, and I have a number of reasons why I don’t think that he will be able to achieve such a feat. The biggest point I wish to make here is that I believe Kane will leave Spurs, probably next summer, given that he does seem to be a big Spurs fan, it seems unlikely that he’d go to another club in the Premier League, which means that we could see him at Real or perhaps even Juventus. Should Kane leave, he won’t be able to score the required goals. I would also raise concerns about his fitness and whilst Shearer did miss a lot of football, he’d also scored more in the earlier stage of his career than Kane has, given the age Kane was  at when he broke through.

The Case To Say He Will

Nabil is in little doubt that Harry will indeed break the record which has stood for almost 20 years. He believes like I that Harry Kane will leave Spurs although he does not agree with me that Kane’s loyalty to the club will see him move abroad. Manchester United is where Nabil thinks he’ll end up and if that is the case then he will have service like never before, which will see him banging in the required goals to take his tally beyond the magic 263. Another important point here is that he sees Kane aging far better than Shearer, and this is down to the way in which Kane plays. Kane has never been about pace, he is about strength and outstanding finishing and history has shown us that those type of strikes do age better than those who are about blistering pace.

The truth is that none of us can possibly know whether or not Kane will surpass Shearer, 3 years ago it looked like a foregone conclusion but after some tough years which Kane has gone through, the answer as to whether or not he will be able to do it is very much up in the air, what do you think about it?