Given the date today I am sadly reminded of my very first lip augmentation procedure. The reason this is a sad memory is not because anything went wrong, on the contrary in fact, but just 2 maths after having the procedure we were all forced into a lockdown and nobody would be able to see my amazing lips. In terms of lip augmentation Chicago is a city where it is incredibly popular to have this procedure completed and amongst my friends at least I was one of the last to have it done. I had no issues with the procedure I just didn’t really think it was for me in the past.

After my friend recommended the procedure however, I though that I might as well give it a try and to be honest, I wish that I had it done sooner. If you have been thinking about this type of procedure then here is what you can expect.

Risks and Fears

If any of you are worried about what the result of the fillers will be or if you have any concerns that you are going to end up with a trout pout like some of those awful stories which we have seen, then you can rest assured that everything will be fine. Most of those horror stories are as the result of bad chemicals being injected, usually by the person themselves, and any other poor reactions are allergies which you will be tested for before anything is injected into anywhere.

The Procedure

I must be honest I found the procedure to be very easy indeed and after having a chat with the clinician about exactly what it was that I was seeking with regards to how plump I wanted the lips to be, we got on with the treatment. I had 4 injections across the lips, they didn’t hurt and the whole thing was over before I even knew it.


It is easy to be alarmed in the first couple of days because of how your lips look, and that is because of the swelling which you will see, this is not the end result, I can assure you. After 2 or 3 days that swelling goes down and it leaves with the actual result that you were expecting. In both my experience and in the experiences of my friends, the success rate is very high with regards to actually getting the results which you were expecting.

Long Lasting

I would say that for me it was almost 6 months before my lips began to reduce down to their normal size, and after 7 months everything was back as they once were. It is refreshing to know that having dermal fillers is not something that causes any lasting damage and to be honest I would certainly be happy to have his procedure done again in the future.

Any more questions about fillers then please don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comments section below.