Choosing the right mattress is a big decision. We spend around a third of our lives sleeping so it makes sense to pick a mattress that works. Not only is it fundamental in helping you to have a good night’s sleep but it will also be good for your physical support and thus help prevent back problems.

There are so many varieties out there you need to know your mattress types as they each have a different type of feel and comfort.

Types of Mattress

Open Spring

These are also called open coil, standard coil, or continuous coil, mattresses as they contain one long piece of metal wire which is coiled into numerous springs.

They are the most common type of mattress as they are able to be mass-produced at a fairly low cost which also makes them one of the cheapest.

Open coil mattresses are considered great value for money but the value seems to come at the cost of supportiveness. It is recommended that if the mattress will be seeing a lot of use, like in a main bedroom as opposed to the guestroom, that you replace it regularly. An additional benefit of open spring is that they are relatively light and therefore much easier to work with when it comes to cleaning, replacement etc.

Pocket Spring

Unlike open spring, pocket spring mattresses are made up from a lot of small, individual springs which are contained in their own little ‘pockets’. The independent movement of each spring gives rise to a lot more support than the open coil gives you.

Pocket sprung mattresses can be found in different firmness’s and are considered to be more comfortable than open coil but more ‘breathable’ than the likes of memory foam and latex which is great for anyone who tends to get too hot at night.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam is a man-made product made chiefly from polyurethane. Other chemicals are added to increase its viscosity and density. The foam works as little bubbles or ‘cells’ are open throughout the foam creating a ‘breathable’ matrix that allows air to pass through.

This type of mattress responds to temperature, weight, and has hypo-allergenic properties which is great for people with allergies.

It also responds to your body and almost moulds itself around you. This is one of those mattresses which is recognised as being good for relieving pressure on joints.


Latex, according to Wikipedia, ‘is a stable dispersion (emulsion) of polymer microparticles in an aqueous medium’. A latex mattress usually features a layer of latex on top of an open coil or pocket spring mattress but can also be filled with just latex foam.

It is similar to memory foam in that it will mould to the contours of your body but it has an added elasticity which means it settles back into shape after you get off it.


A hybrid is a ‘thing made by combining two different elements’. In the case of mattresses this usually involves a combination of materials like latex, memory foam and pocket springs.

Obviously, the aim of the hybrid mattress is to provide you with the best comfort and support possible. By utilising a number of different materials you can end up with a mattress that could be considered the best of the lot as it is more responsive, supportive, and suitable for your needs.

Knowing just which type will suit you best can be a thoughtful task. With mattresses it isn’t just a case of one type being best as such. For example, in a Which? Online product test on mattresses, a pocket spring foam hybrid came out tops being classified as the ‘best mattress money can buy’. But the top 10 also featured pocket spring, memory foam, and other hybrid versions. So their best buy might not necessarily be yours. A great supplier will definitely be able to help you make the right choice for you.