Much is written about just how delicious the street food is in Mexico City and with good reason. In fact this is some of the best food that you can find anywhere in the city. After some time living in the city however, that food can be a touch too gluttonous and at some point you need to look farther afield. This is why I started to look at something which we have in the city called comida corrida, which translates directly as ‘fast food’. This is a daily option for me and here is why I love it.

What is Comida Corrida?

Basically comida corrida is a set menu which you pay a set price for. The menu includes a starter of a soup, then an order of pasta or rice and then a main meal, sometimes with a dessert too. The meal also includes a flavored water and it is the perfect way to fill yourself up for lunch.

Home Cooking

One of the reasons why I do love this kind of food so much is that those who make it, are doing so in the same way that they would at home. This is good ingredients made in a delicious way, and made with love. There is no experience which you can get like this in the city and that is one of the reasons why comida corrida is so inviting and so tasty.


When you see exactly what you get for this kind of meal you may think that it is expensive, but this is not the case at all. In fact you can get all of this for around $2.50, or $3 at most! This is why it is such a convenient choice and why it is a meal that people rely on each day. This is really food which was aimed at the working class, who could rely on a good meal to break up their day.


The menu which you find is different each day, and always delivers some traditional Mexican cuisine. There are dishes which I find on the menus which I have never even heard of. In fact my friend Javier Burillo has spent many years living in the city and even he says sometimes that he hasn’t heard of some of the dishes which are on the menu.

Fast and Friendly

There are so many places which seem to miss the point that fast food should be served quickly, and will leave you waiting for a long time for your meals. This is not the case with comida corrida. You will get the meal nice and quickly because of the fact that it is all pre-prepared. This means that if you only have an hour for lunch, then you can depend on getting some great food with plenty of time to spare.

If you are in the city then make sure that you keep an eye out for some delicious comida corrida, the perfect way to enjoy your lunch.