If you are like many people today, you realize that one of the ways you build wealth is by finding good investments that can both provide you with a steady income, and assets that gain in value over time.

There are a wide range of investment opportunities for people with to consider. Investment experts say that you should look at a mix of different types of Investments so that you can spread your risk. And within this Investment portfolio, you should lean toward low-risk Investments for the majority of your investment dollars.

In terms of the lowest risk investments that turn a consistent profit, real estate has proven to be the best over time. There many different ways that you can invest in real estate. Investors can select real estate property development, buying and selling land or existing homes, and even becoming a part of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). But perhaps the smartest way for a real estate investor to invest is to find turnkey investment properties.

What Are Turnkey Investment Properties?

After the housing crisis of 2007-2008 interest in turnkey properties grew considerably. The financial crisis lowered trust in homeownership and created many families with lost savings and uncertainty about where the economy was heading. A large number began to rent rather than purchase homes. This created a great opportunity for investors to purchase properties that were ready to rent, or quickly upgraded, so families could move in immediately. This market has continued to grow and as such turnkey investment properties are now a standard real estate investment strategy.

Why Are Turnkey Properties Great Investments?

The attraction of turnkey properties is that tenants get a fully upgraded home that they can move into immediately. Apartments can be positioned to rent as quickly as possible, and the investor will see a quick return on the investment. Today companies provide these properties for investors with all of the critical data already determined. Everything from ideal purchase price, ideal rental price and timeline for ROI and profitability over a term is calculated. This vital information takes into account market trends and gives investors valuable information when making an investment decision.

Investors Can Invest in TurnKey Properties No Matter Where They Live

Today investors can work with companies that manage turnkey properties that are located in the highest potential markets in the country. These properties might be far away from where the investor is located, but they will be managed well day-to-day, on the investor’s behalf. This allows investors to invest in the best properties, gain the most returns and never have to worry about the operations required for rentals.

Turnkey properties offer investors the chance to get involved in the lucrative real estate rental industry without having to do hands on management. Since 2008, returns have been excellent.