Long routes traveling on a motorbike is not an easy job before you hit the road, you have to make up several plans which can provide safety and comfort in your trip.

No doubt traveling on a bike and covering hundreds and hundreds of miles away from your premises make you learn several lessons and also create adventure in your life. But before you hit the road for a long journey must prepare yourself and your bike for anything which is coming on your way.

For carrying anything on your bike you need to invest in getting the best and durable motorbike bags. Viking bags sissy bags are the best and durable bags in town which provide immense storage capacity to carry your luggage and always remember to wear all the motorcycle protection gear to avoid any fatal injuries in event of any crash.

Other than that, keep the navigation system with you and make sure it works throughout your journey. Download offline apps on your mobile, because in some areas there exist no signals.

Must also keep a toolbox, LED light, compass, duct tape, extra tire, first aid box, and long nose pliers. Other than that, there are several documents, a passport which you have to keep with yourself, but a question arises at which place you should keep them so that they remain waterproof.

Tail bags are mounted at the back of your motorbike where you can keep your paper stuff that remains safe. Viking bags tail bags are durable, safe, and waterproof available at cheap prices.

You can enhance storage capacity for your luggage by installing suitable motorcycle bags, some of them are listed below.

Tank bags

Tank bags are mounted at the fuel tank of your motorbike. Some companies equip motorcycle tank bags with a unique tank lock system, if your tank bag is facilitated with this system, you don’t need a magnet or straps to fix it on your motorbike.

It provides you immense storage capacity that you can easily put your clothes in it. Tank bags are also facilitated with waterproof pockets where you can place your mobile or other paper documents. It is also provided with a handle, a tablet holder, and a cable port for providing more comfort.

Back bags

Perhaps backpacks provide you best storage capacity and they are more reliable than any other bag. You can carry its weight on your shoulder and can move freely. You can keep your laptop, a few clothes, a first aid kit, a water bottle, and a few documents in it too.

Some back bags are facilitated with segments so that you can place your water bottle in it and can keep yourself hydrated during your trip. The water bottle pocket in the back bag provides you access to drinking water easily.

You don’t have to stop first, open up the zip and search for a bottle. So it’s designed in a way that provides ease and comfort in your trip.


Saddlebags, also called seat bags, are mounted at the rear tire of your motorbike. They are typically made up of leather to provide extreme durability.

Motorcycle Saddlebags are meant for great storage purposes, you can keep a toolbox, extra tire, water bottle, first aid medicine box, food, and rain gears.

Some bike companies like Harley Davidson provide saddlebags with them to provide great storage capacity. Saddlebags are available in various styles and sizes depending upon the best suitable for your bike. They sometimes do not give a good look at your bike as well.

So yes! You have to choose the one which should be durable at least.

Motorcycle sissy bar bags

Sissy bar bags provide a huge room for storage. They are made up of leather, PVC, chrome-plated, and are waterproof. They also provide good security for your staff.

They also have a quick-release system and are also provided with straps and zip so that they can also act as a back bag. They can get adjusted anywhere on your motorbike depending upon their size and width. an additional bag can also get fixed on it as sissy bags are provided with buckles and straps.

So, you can easily attack one extra bag with it too. Mostly roll bags are mounted over it. Other than that, they have several compartments and pockets where you can keep your accessories.

Final Words

So, these are few motorcycle bags that can enhance storage for keeping your luggage on long tours. But before investing in these bags must check their space, durability, and type of thread used in their stitching because their durability depends upon the type and thickness of thread too.