A charter bus service could solve many issues for your business, helping it to save money, become more efficient, impress clients, and also improve the lives of your employees.  Consider some of the ways you could utilize a charter bus service for your business.

Charter Bus Service for Employees

One of the main headaches for your employees everyday is their commute to and from work.  Some will be spending a lot of money to run a car which they drive on their own through very heavy traffic at the busiest times of day to then try and get a car parking space as close to their place of work as possible which will incur them more expense.

For others their commute might involve walking several hundred meters, taking a bus, to then catch a train, to then take another bus, then finally finish their arduous and very indirect commute into work with another traverse on foot through all weathers to get to their office or factory site.

If you could replace all of those journeys with a charter bus service think about how much time, expense and frustration would be removed.  Your employees would arrive at work happier, more loyal, knowing each other better as a team, and having more money in their pocket to enjoy life in the extra time they now have.  Car travel time is lost time for an employee, they can’t do any work while they’re driving a car, but what about if they are on a charter coach?  They can get started on work, or even meet up with their project team, sit together and kick off their project for the day even before arriving at work.

You may also be able to transport teams of employees around during the day as well using bus lines in Toronto, taking them to training days, management retreats, team building workshops, conventions, exhibitions, supplier sites, other corporate locations, ensuring that all arrive on time and refreshed for the day.

Charter Bus Service for Clients and Suppliers

Another use for a charter bus service is to impress your clients, suppliers and partners.  Instead of them arriving in town and having to make their own way to your work site for their meeting or training session, why not send a meet and greet bus to pick them up at the train station, airport or even their own work site.  Your own team can be on the bus to commence discussions with them as soon as they arrive, building the bonds between the two companies.

You can add in extras to the day as well including a short tour of the city, visits to restaurants or places of entertainment, and then at the end of the day drop them off at their hotel or back at the transport hub for them to return home.

Think how impressed your employees and clients will be if you thoughtfully provide a bespoke charter bus service especially for them, saving them time, money and frustration when travelling.