Whether you are reading this during the global pandemic that is CoVid-19 or afterwards, the message very much remains the same, and that is to remember the lessons from this strange situation. I was just chatting to the very wise Harris Scott Kreichman about this and he was commenting on how he hopes people will change for the better following this tough situation.  There is a danger however that, much like when people pass away and the phrase ‘it makes you think about life’s shortness’ comes around, we will only remember that feeling for a fleeting second before returning to normality. It is imperative that we don’t do this and here are just some of the lessons we should take forward.

Self Love

What the quarantine has meant for so many people is that they can no longer depend on others like they could before, be it for entertainment or more pragmatic reasons. The result of this is that far more people are taking care of themselves and finding ways in which to fill the void that has been left. Those who love celebrity culture for example have learned that without it the world doesn’t end, and the same goes for those sports fans. It is essential that we don’t forget the importance of this self-love and we continue it into the future.


It is very often the same, a tragedy hits and the world comes together to work as one, yet when everything returns to normal, that feeling of community-spirit quickly dissipates. We must ensure that the work which we are doing for each other continues, that we keep on looking after those in society who are most vulnerable and that we remember just how selfless we can be and how much it benefits those around us.

Vital Services

During this situation we have seen so many people who have a new found respect for those who work in all areas of the emergency services. It is vital that we never forget the amazing work that doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners do, not to mention the fire service and the police. We shouldn’t need a global pandemic to recognize this, but now that so many have caught up, we can’t afford to let opinions shift or for these roles to be forgotten.


This situation has forced or inspired many people to use their time to learn something new, be it a new language or a musical instrument. This is such a great thing for anyone to do as it helps with brain health and it contributes to an increase in confidence levels too. Again, we shouldn’t need something so extreme to happen for us to remember about pushing on with education and learning new things, now that we have started, we should continue this even when things do return to normal.

Let’s hang on to these lessons and take them forward to be better people.