Every time your friend travels, they tell you how tough the pre-travel prep for his dog is. And so, they end up leaving their dog home every trip. It saddens them to no avail. So, what if there was a way around this?

You can now gift your friend an essential travel kit for their dog! Different brands like Petgather and Modokeroffer full-sized dog travel kits packed with all the essentials. Your friend can now take their dog every time they go on vacation. Almost every kit contains mandatory collapsible dog bowls for food and water. Some even have travel dog food containers with shoulder straps. It is easy to carry their favourite toys by putting them in the kit and strapping it over your dog!

So what are some of the essentials the dog kit must contain before buying one? Let us check out some important items and compartments it must have.

· Dog food bowls

Food will be the most important item to carry for your pet while travelling. Be it dry or wet, ensure the personalised gifts you buy have dog bowls attached to them. Now, pour a handful of food during lunch or dinner while on the go.

Let the dog have its fill while you are sightseeing. Some kits even arrive with collapsible bowls. If you create a custom travel kit, make sure it can fit many dog bowls for each of your friend’s dogs.

· Dog first aid kit

While travelling, safety is always first. Your dog will be very active and play around on beaches or even in museums and amusement parks. So there is a slight chance of hurting themselves. Ensure the first-aid kit is up to date and check if anything location specific should be added. Ask your friends to add medicines specific to their pets to the kit, too, after gifting them.

· Essential gear

Check if there is a compartment in the travel kit to store some important travel wear for your friend’s dog. If not, give them travel kits with additional compartments as personalised gifts.

They are suitable for carrying dog jackets, dog boots, and a sweater for colder vacation trips. While on hotter trips, they can carry extra water bottles for their dog. It can also house an emergency life jacket for their beloved pooch.

· Good travel restrains and collar

Another thing to check is whether your travel kit contains a strong travel restraint. Your friend will want to keep his dog restrained while travelling in the car in a sturdy crate or crash-tested harness.

Make sure to have an ID tag present in the kit. Your friend should be able to attach this easily with his dog’s collar. Having a dog collar with the name and phone number of the owner is handy in case their dog gets lost.

· Dog food containers

While going out for local sightseeing, it’s tedious to lug the entire dog travel kit around. The detachable dog food containers in the kit are convenient during such times. Store enough food in them to last a whole day of travelling around.

You can easily store them in a smaller bag and other essentials like medicines, a few toys, and poop bags. Look for airtight containers to prevent wet dog food from leaking and spilling out.

· Towels, Wet wipes, and belly bands

Another great and handy personalised gift to add to your dog essential’s travel kit is many packs of wet wipes and hand towels. These are great for quickly wiping off any mess your dog has made. You can use these to wipe your dog clean too easily.

They save time and effort and are disposable. Belly bands are another essential to have in a travel kit. This band goes around your dog’s private parts, preventing them from peeing over the furniture. These are great for preventing him from making a mess in hotel rooms, lobbies, and other tourist places.

· Poop bags

You can never have enough poop bags while travelling. While on the go, you can never tell when your dog has an emergency. These travel kit poop bags prevent dogs from messing up in public spaces. And also save them good money. Many tourist places have strict cleanliness rules.


It is heartbreaking when your friend has to leave their furry friend home during vacation trips. Your personalised gift of a travel kit for dogs filled with essentials will help solve this dilemma. So, do check out the above list to see if your gift kit contains each. Smoochy Poochy covers all personalised essentials at a good bargain. So do visit us today!