We all know the benefits of visiting the dentist regularly, but as adults we often shy away from the check ups we’re supposed to have, and our appointments because fewer and farther apart, until we get a cavity and suddenly need some dental attention.  But once you have children you realize that it is very important for them and their dental health, and the future of their teeth that they have regular check ups and treatments.  So how can you find a Clinton Family Dentist that provides all the dental services that your family needs?

What Services to Expect from a Clinton Family Dentist

A good family dental practice will be more than just one or two dentists, they will have specialists in place for all of the different needs of your family.  They will have dental hygienists who carry out dental cleaning to keep your teeth and gums healthy, including deep cleaning, scaling and root planning, and treatment of gingivitis.  It is particularly important that tartar, which is the hard form of plaque, is removed from your teeth regularly so that harmful bacteria doesn’t start to attack your teeth to cause cavities and gum disease.

Pediatric Dentistry

Your children in particular need a specialist in pediatric dentistry, who understands the regular work to be done on children’s teeth to protect their long term oral health, and also who can provide your children and you with advice on daily dental health.  They will offer regular cleaning, check ups, fillings, and scraping.  But will also carry out fluoride treatments which help to protect children’s teeth from cavities.  Once older children have their permanent molars and premolars, dentists may also advise that they have dental sealants to protect these teeth from cavities, that children are particularly susceptible to as they tend to avoid cleaning their teeth regularly and consume more foods with sugars in them.

Cosmetic Dentistry

For the older members of the family keeping a pearly white smile can be a challenge in later years as teeth color, show signs of wear including cracks, grinding, and even loss of some teeth through disease.  Therefore a cosmetic dentist will be able to provide teeth whitening services, veneers, crowns, porcelain restorations, and bridge replacements.  A cosmetic dentist will not only advise you when these are required but also discuss with you the best options for the dental work you require and for your lifestyle, so that you choose the best dental replacement type for you.

More Than Just a Dental Surgery

We can all find dental surgeries an intimidating place, particularly as we’re sat in the waiting room and hear whizzing and grinding noises coming from the dental room next door.  This is why some of the most modern dental practices have a adopted a more Spa-like experience, using aromatherapy scents and calming music to help you relax while you wait.  You may even be provided with complimentary drinks, eye masks, lip balms, ear plus, and moist towellettes.