We always acknowledge a mother for her sacrifices for her children whether it was to quit her job during pregnancy or taking care of the child thereafter, but we often forget to appreciate fathers for the things that they do for their children. They are those emotional beings who will never show how much they love you but will never step back from turning any stone for your happiness. Fathers play a very important and unique role in the family. It is said that a father is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first love. These words may seem cliché; but it turns out that for most of us, they are actually very true.

For young boys, there is no idol quite like their father!

From dressing like Dad to standing like him and adopting his mannerisms, boys look up to their father and want to grow up into a gentleman just like their father. Girls want their partners to be like their father, caring as well as supportive. And, whether to his own children, his nieces or nephews, or to family friends; he acts as an important role model, guide, and advisor.

So this father’s day express your deepest love and affection to your father by giving him a gift. Now the question arises that what you can gift that will instantly make him happy and be cherished forever.

These days, people have developed a tendency of preferring custom and personalized gifts over any materialistic one. Hand-painted portraits are one of such gifts. The warmth of love and care which is seen in Handmade paintings is unmatched. It’s an expression of affection. A portrait/painting can put a smile on anyone’s face. You can crystallize a good memory you have with your father in a beautiful drawing full of feelings.

BookMyPainting is one such online innovative platform where you can realize this thought of handmade portrait. They have a team of some of the most skilled and professional artists who get you your desired portrait. They provide a number of art styles such as charcoal, oil, watercolor, etc. Regardless of what medium you pick, the quality of the painting is not comprised.

He is a source of inspiration for many. From learning to ride a bike to choosing a college, buying a home and starting a family of our own, fathers are always there to support us financially as well as emotionally.

Even with the last pinch of energy left, he’ll make sure that all the wishes of his children are fulfilled. A father is the only person who even with drooping shoulders and aching knees neither complaints nor leaves his child’s hand till he makes sure that he/she is in a happy place.

If you’re confused with these medium options, we have some tips that will help you customize your masterpiece.

Charcoal portrait: If your father has an affinity towards black and white and is a retro lover then you can go for a custom charcoal drawing. It goes very well with monochromatic light-colored walls and is the classiest of all the drawing techniques. You can get a charcoal sketch of your father in his handsome 20’s. He will be both amazed and delighted to see that.

Oil portrait:  Oil paintings make for lustrous, realistic and attractive paintings. The different colors and strokes can assist you in passing a special message. You can get your mom and dad’s favorite picture and get an oil portrait of it. He will certainly cherish it for lifelong.

Watercolor painting: You should go for custom Watercolor Painting if your father likes splashy colors. These paintings remind you of your childhood and bring back the kid inside you. They have these colorful and simple splashes which brings an exuberant vibe. Watercolor is an old technique from China and Japan which developed during 500-600 BCE. You can get a cute picture from your father’s childhood which will make him relive his childhood moments.

Pencil color portrait: All the shades, tones and minute details can be captured very effectively via a pencil color portrait. It is one of the most popular mediums in which old school pencil colors are used. You can get him a family picture in the form of a pencil color portrait.

Being a father is a hard, but incredibly fulfilling job, and letting him know how important he is making his job even more rewarding. They play the role of the head of the family, in nurturing, training, and loving their children and no matter how much they hide their emotions, they feel extremely happy and valued when their children do something for them and put effort into making them happy. That is why we should never miss an opportunity to make him happy and contended. So this year, tell him how spectacular he is by gifting one of these stunning and memorable portraits.