We experience one of the greatest joys of our lives when we are about to complete one whole month of togetherness with the love of our life. It surely is a surreal experience for us to be fortunate enough being blessed with love in this generation wherein most of the people tend to mistake lust for love. Nonetheless, we bet you are looking forward to celebrating this special life milestone with your darling spouse or partner, but the question is, how? How are you planning to celebrate this special day? If you got no plans yet, then we bet, gear up and make sure to give this article a read to find out some ways of celebrating your 1-month anniversary.

  1. Romantic Dinner Date – After a month of togetherness and after going out for XYZ number of dates, ask her out on a romantic candlelight dinner date. He/she will be thrilled about this way of celebrating one month of togetherness with you, like this. Take some nice, cosy rooftop restaurant wherein you can make a call and arrange for candlelight dinner by coordinating with the restaurant authorities.
  2. Bake A Cake – It might seem like a “too-cliche” idea, but some cliches are still gold. Quite like this. You can think of baking a cake together or you can even bake it on your own to surprise your lover. It will indeed be a heartwarming gesture. You can look for the recipe online and get all the ingredients from the market, a day before. If you aren’t quite sure of you being a baker soul, then you can always take a shortcut as you order cake online in Puneor whichever place that you are residing.
  3. Staycation or Weekend Getaways – Pack your bags and get your partner to do the same even as you surprise him/her by telling that you have planned a special staycation or weekend getaway for the weekend. He/she will be jumping out of excitement, for sure after hearing about your one month anniversary sir[ise plan. Nothing seems better or exciting, like spending some quality time together on anniversaries which is why this idea will be just perfect. Make sure to prepare the itinerary and all the booking beforehand.
  4. Shopping Spree – This one idea mostly have been seen to excite all the females in a relationship. But that doesn’t mean anyhow; men enjoy shopping less – which is why to go on an anniversary shopping spree. We are pretty sure you and your partner will bond better as you both hit a mall and shop for something special for each other.
  5. Movie Marathon – If you and your partner aren’t the kind of a person who would love to step out and waste their energies, then save it for the night *wink*. But as per the evenings are concerned you can think of organising a movie marathon. Get your bucket list of movies, web series ready as you both together binge watch. Watching a movie together, you help you both know more about each other. Make sure to have your popcorn ready before you start binge-watching of favourite movies and shows together.
  6. Gift Personalised Gifts – Normal is boring, so why not this one month anniversary you end up gifting the love of your life with some thoughtful, personalised gifts? Sounds like a plan, right? Personalised gifts are ruling everyone’s heart, but mostly every couple to speak of. You can shop for some cool yet romantic personalised couple gifts online as well as offline over some reputed gift store. We are pretty sure your partner will be on cloud nine.

So, what’s your pick gonna be?