With Bitcoin (BTC) becoming a trillion-dollar asset class that is expected to continue rising in value in 2022, more people want to learn more about crypto mining. Bitcoin mining can be expensive due to the high cost of computer hardware and software and the energy required to run the mining equipment. Earnity’s industry experts, Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt, will help you determine whether Bitcoin mining is still profitable in 2022 and what alternatives there might be.

Cryptocurrency had its most profitable year in 2021, as miners began using video cards and ASICs. Many people have started to consider mining to establish a mining farm. As a result, investing in cryptocurrency is becoming more profitable and understandable than traditional investment avenues. Subsequently, aggregators offer cryptocurrency at a low cost for exchange and purchase if you do not have time to mine.

Mining Payback in 2022

The payback on a mining farm in 2022 has gone up. If you are putting together a mining farm of new cards, Earnity’s industry experts, Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt believe you would benefit from considering the payback on each card. Remember to add the cost of the mining equipment to the video cards. Thus, if you want to buy a mining farm off-hand, you must take the time to test the equipment.

After you have done that, divide the cost of the entire farm by the number of cards. Once you have the cost of the video cards, calculate the payback on each card from the farm.

The good news is the payback period for mining farms in 2022 has doubled. Therefore, mining in 2022 remains a profitable business despite the decline in profitability — especially if you have video cards or can get them at a reasonable price.

Bitcoin mining in 2022

Will bitcoin mining be profitable in 2022? The first thing to consider is bitcoin prices and network complexity. The network’s complexity is at an all-time high, affecting profitability. However, Bitcoin’s price is also falling, but the rate fluctuates all the time, so there is no point in considering this factor if it is more than $30,000