If you have dreams of one day becoming a great medical professional like Dr. Richard Soper then you will first need to ensure that you have the core skills which are required in this profession. Doctors are widely respected and rightfully so, they are intelligent and hard working individuals who provide one of the most amazing services in society. Becoming  a doctor is hard and being a doctor is even harder, if you think that you have what it takes then you need to ensure that like Dr. Soper, you have the necessary skills to be able to thrive in this career.

Problem Solving

Every patient has a problem which you need to solve, it will be up to you to rely on your vast knowledge and your intellect to decipher what is the matter with your patient. Problem solving skills are not just exclusive to the medical profession however, it is an in-built characteristic which you must already have, which you can then lend to your career as a doctor. Saving a life, diagnosing an illness and identifying a medical problem all involve problem solving skills.

Calmness Under Pressure

In some jobs you can make a mistake and nothing will come of it, as a doctor you could make a mistake which costs someone their life, and this brings with it a huge amount of pressure. If you bow to that pressure however then you are more likely to make errors of judgement which is why it is so important that you can remain calm under the pressure of the situation. Doctors must trust their instincts and their knowledge and ignore any pressure which may exist in order to make the right decision.


When we think of doctors communicating our minds instantly think of them informing patients of a certain course of treatment or of an illness or a disease which they may have. Communication skills extend far beyond this however and doctors must be able to communicate clearly and precisely with other doctors, nursing staff and the families of their patients.

Hard Working

There is no doctor on the planet who does not have a hard work ethic, the reason being that this job involves working extremely long hours and studying to be a doctor is just the same. There is no chance for a doctor to be lazy, it takes hard work and commitment to succeed in this field.


The learning and the studying doesn’t stop after you have your license to practice medicine, in fact it is only just beginning. People like Dr. Soper will spend their lives studying new medical breakthroughs and advancements, new treatments, techniques and ways of working. The moment that a doctor believes that they know everything is the moment that the medical world will pass them by. In reality doctors are medical students all of their career.

Do you think that you have what it takes?