There are many in the medical community at the moment such as Dr Matthew Boente who have been incredibly animated recently in encouraging people to take better care of their health. Now of course this is not necessarily anything new but what they are saying is that now more than ever is the time to take greater care of your general wellbeing, naturally based on the fact that we are going through a global pandemic which is causing heartache all over the world. It is not as simple as saying look after yourself because there is a pandemic however, we have to look at the specifics.

Regarding Getting The Virus

The first thing to note here is that a healthy lifestyle results in a healthy immune system and that can certainly improve your chances of avoiding the virus. If you do get the virus then you are of course going to be looking to try and deal with the symptoms as easily as possible, and that means ensuring that you are also living a healthy lifestyle. We have seen that those who suffer badly from this are those who are old and ill already, there is another category however and that is people who are overweight and unhealthy.

Additional Medical Care

Not looking after your health could very well result in additional health concerns which you will need to get medical help for. There couldn’t be a worse time however of requiring medical attention, as so many of the hospitals and staff are caught up with the treatment of the virus that is happening. This could mean longer waiting times to be treated. The best bet is to avoid this altogether with an active and healthy lifestyle.

Mental Wellbeing

It is not just the direct impacts of the pandemic which is causing the issues here, but also the impacts of our reactions to the pandemic, namely the lockdown which has ben imposed on so many of us. During the quarantine there are many of us who have faced mental wellbeing challenges and that too is something which we have to combat. One great way of improving your overall mental wellbeing is to life well and exercise. Not only will you benefit from the vitamins and the nutrients of a healthy lifestyle but you will also feel more confident and that results in a happier you.

Risk of Temptation

Under this new normal it can be very easy to give into temptation and to over indulge in food choices or alcohol consumption. Neither of these options are a good idea and you could very well find yourself coming out of the lockdown far less healthy and much bigger than you were beforehand.

Those medical experts are absolutely right about the fact that now, more than ever, is the optimal time for us to be taking care of our bodies and our weight, it isn’t like we haven’t got the time to do so.