When mistakes happen inside a medical facility it is very easy to assume that malpractice has taken place. The reality however couldn’t be more different and things are in fact a lot more complicated than this. With this being said, if you have had an issue during an operation or during hospital care, it is always essential that you reach out to legal professionals in the medical field like Dr. Bruce G. Fagel, to find out whether or not there is a case to be answered.

Ultimately the most common misconception of medical malpractice, is that every error is considered to be wrongdoing, when this is simply not the case.

Nature of the Job

When most of us make mistakes in our professions, it is unlikely that it costs the lives of people, or causes them irreparable damage. In the case of a doctor or a surgeon however, this is a very real danger. This is simply the nature of the job and that is why it is a much more complicated scenario than many realize.

Based on Knowledge

Everyone who works within the medical field is someone who we should respect for the knowledge that they possess, but we have to be reasonable. What is meant by this is that we still don’t truly understand everything about the human body, despite the centuries of work which has been done. If this was the case then disease would hardly exist and medical problems could be quickly resolved. The reality is that we still have so much more to learn. This is why doctors and surgeons can only do as much as they know, and this unfortunately can lead to them being defeated by the body.

Following Protocol

Because of the lack of knowledge which we may sometimes have, protocols are in place which all medical professionals must follow. These protocols work on the law of probability, asking which the best course of action is right for a certain ailment of illness. For example we know that chemotherapy is dangerous to the body, but cancer is worse, which is we treat in this way. The point is that prior to deciding on a course of action, a doctor will consider all aspects of the patient’s issue, then speak with fellow doctors before reaching a decision. When this protocol is followed, any resulting reaction is not considered as a mistake, but sadly a fact of life.

But Mistakes Can Happen

Malpractice is things like incidents which shouldn’t have taken place, instruments left inside a body because of a lack of communication or a professional carrying out an operation when they were not fit to do so. All of these issues go against protocol and professionalism and that is why they are considered as being malpractice.

The key here is to always ensure that you take advice should you feel that medical malpractice has taken place, this is the best way to be sure.