My good friend David Serna is without a shadow of a doubt the best lawyer in the Albuquerque area, which is no easy feat given the high quality of criminal defense lawyers which New Mexico boasts. David has been widely recognized for his work in criminal defense and I knew that he would be the perfect person to ask for some help answering a question which we have been asked, why do you need a defense lawyer? Regardless of whether you have been charged for a petty crime, slapped with a DWI or a DUI or something more sinister, you will need to ensure that you have someone like David on your side, and here is why.

Emotional Support

Criminal defense lawyers may not be able to offer you the emotional support of a loved one or a therapist, but they are the experts in the world of law and if you are going through something then it makes sense to have someone who you can trust on your side. If you are facing a trial and the potential of jail time then you are not going to be as emotionally stable as you may normally be. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to offer you some much needed emotional support during this difficult time.

Plea Deals and Bargains

Plea deals and bargains are beneficial for all involved if you are guilty of what they are suggesting. Generally what will happen is the accused will plead guilty to a lighter charge, in order  to avoid the case going to trial.  In doing this the court is able to make a swift decision and get a conviction, the accused will normally avoid jail time or have it significantly reduced, and the lawyer can put one in the win column. Only a lawyer is able to negotiate a deal such as this on your behalf, as they usually know the judges and other lawyers, and they also know the finer details of the law and how to use it.

Checking the Details

Another great benefit which a criminal defense lawyer can bring is that they know how every aspect of your arrest, charge and the way in which you have been treated should be. For example if a police officer isn’t wearing a badge when they stop and arrest you, this can be enough to have the entire case thrown out. A defense lawyer will know exactly what they should be looking out for and if any part of the process hasn’t been followed to the letter, this can give you some leverage in your case.

Criminal defense lawyers can also get quick access to witness statements and supporting evidence like CCTV which can help to build your case. Ultimately if you are facing criminal charges and there is a potential outcome that you could be sent to jail, a criminal defense attorney is someone who can help to prevent that, or at the very least get you the best deal possible.