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Are you a bit of a fashionista? Do you like to keep on top of different trends regardless of what they are? Even if you can’t afford the latest in fashion, there are a whole host of great tips and things you can do to stay looking on your A game, even if you don’t have the cash to pull it off. Sound like something you could use? Check out this handy guide to cheap and cheerful fashion tips. 

Black Goes With Everything

This old standby still rings true today – black truly does go with everything. It’s even a joke people make when they get a black cat, joking that at least if the cat sheds on their clothing, it won’t matter as black is always stylish. Whether you’re into trousers, skirts or leggings, black will help anchor the eye and create a great base to your look that will provide the perfect starting point to a truly eye-catching look. Whether you go with something bright and bold or you keep it toned down and match black with grey or more black, once you go black, you’re going to turn heads, especially if you pair it with bold, chunky accessories in bright colours.

Easy Chic

If you want probably the easiest way to trick the eye into noticing chic-style, pair a simple, plain white t-shirt and tight blue jeans. It’s a simple style that doesn’t get too complicated but can be dressed up or down as necessary with the use of fashion scarves, jewelry and other accessories such as over the top belts, bags and more. You can also pair this with an oversized jean jacket for that extra pinch of pizzazz. Ultimately a plain white shirt can be one of the easiest fashion choices to go with, especially if you’re a fan of making plain outfits pop with a bright or bold addition of some kind. 

Monochrome Winner

Monochrome is done by wearing multiple shades of one colour. This works really well if you’re wearing monochrome patterns with solid coloured trousers – for example teal trousers with a dark blue patterned floral shirt. You can also reverse the pairing and go with wild, patterned trousers and a solid shirt. This style is easy and breezy and can really turn heads depending on what colour you choose. Bright colours with patterns can be some of the best ways to work with monochrome colours, especially in summer when pastel and bright colours along with floral patterns are popular. 


When it comes to accessories it’s always important to take into consideration what else you’re wearing. You don’t want to go full 80s with chunky jewelry, patterns and big hair. Always go with one thing or another – if your clothes are sending the statement, go with toned down accessories and vice versa. Purses and handbags are a great way to show off individual style regularly though, especially if you’re in the market for some of the higher end handbags by the likes of Kate Spade or Chanel. 

With so many cool ways to create an individualised look to your style, hopefully these tips and suggestions will help you with finding great, easy ways that will work for you and your budget. Good luck, and have fun!