You’ve recently had an eye test and found that you need to get new eyeglasses, its been a few years and you’ve moved to the Fort Myers area or your old optician has closed down or stopped selling frames, so where can you go to buy eyeglasses in Fort Myers?

OptiExpress is a full service optician’s office where you can have eye exams as well as consult with the team at eyeglasses, contact lenses and other eye issues.  There are plenty of frames available including brand names such as DKNY, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Prada and Tom Ford.

Selecting Eyeglasses in Fort Myers

Choosing the right eyeglasses frames for you is important but can also be a difficult task.  The last thing you want after spending good money on new glasses is to choose very similar frames to your current glasses.  That is in fact the mistake most people make.  They come home and no one notices they have new glasses, and they feel pretty lousy about the time and expense they went to, having an eye test, get a new prescription, choose lenses and frames and then pick them up to have them adjusted.  The feeling you really want with no glasses, is that you bought some trendy new accessories and then have several people say to you “woah love your new glasses, they’re really trendy, hey they’re designer!”.

So when you visit your eyeglasses retailer rather than go it alone like we have trained ourselves to do now in most shops, ask for help.  Speak to a consultant there who will help you pick out the best frames for your face shape, nose size and eye position.  They will talk to you about colors of frames and how that affects the overall looks against your hair color and skin tone.  They will then advise you on lens finishes, and even help you pick out extra frames which will look really good as sunglasses as well.

You’ll come away feeling very positive about your new glasses, and when you take them away and wear them for the first time you’ll have a spring in your step, a real feel good factor about your new look set off by your new eyewear.

Considering Contact Lenses for the First Time

If you’ve just had an eye test and its always been in the back of your mind to try out contact lenses, then why not try them this time.  Ask your optician and they will refer you to a consultant who can advise you on contact lenses.  They will help you to familiarize yourself with putting the lenses in and taking them out and make sure you have the correct prescription.  You will have the opportunity to have a trial period where you take away a set of daily lenses for a period of a week perhaps, and then try them out at your leisure.  You will find they are great for the times when you exercise or on nights out when you don’t want to have your glasses with you.