When it comes to botox San Jose CA has been a hotspot for many years and it is entirely likely that if you asked 10 people in the street if they’ve had it before, at least 9 would say yes. I however was very much in the 1 for many years, until last August when I decided that I would finally give it a go. I had heard a great deal about botox but I have always been someone who totally supported a natural look and I never had any desire to be operated on or to change the way that I looked drastically.

I have to say that I was absolutely thrilled with the results of the botox which I had injected into my forehead and around my eyes, and here is exactly why I would recommend that you too give it a try.

Results, Results, Results

The clearest and most compelling argument which I can make here is that botox works, and it works incredibly well. This is the same for 99.9% of the population who have this magical potion injected and it dramatically reverses the hands of Father Time. Now of course these results don’t last forever but no matter, the results do work and they work perfectly, for almost everyone.

No Risks

People have been using botox for over 30 years and during that time there has been almost no problems or dangers. There are just 2 risks which exist in patients who get botox injections, the first is that they are allergic, something which will be tested for in the beginning and the reaction to which is actually not very bad at all. The second risk is if the botox itself is not in date, although usually the worst case scenario is that this simply doesn’t have the desired impact. A simple check of the bottle prior to injection will be enough to get rid of this second risk and give you the motivation to get those injections.


I had always considered myself to be a confident person but once the results of the botox kicked in and took years off my life, I had a despairing in my step which I hadn’t seen for a very long time. One thing which I have always found with self-confidence is that it very quickly seeps into all aspects of your life and that is certainly what happened to me.

Low Cost

Some people have made comments about the amount of money I must have spent on the injections, but the reality is that I honestly didn’t spend a great deal at all. There is a common association with cosmetic procedures that they are expensive but the truth is that botox really isn’t as costly as many of you may believe.

If you hate the sagging eyes or the crows feet which have developed over the years, then this is the perfect tonic for that, and I totally recommend it.