I started a blog around 4 years ago and after a little bump in popularity amongst family and friends when I first started out, I very quickly saw the number of traffic flatlining and I wasn’t sure what I could do to boost my popularity. A good friend of mine Bogoljub Karic is an exert when it comes to blogging and after a quick look at my site he told me that I had to increase the quality of the content which I was posting in order to drive more people to the site. Since I have taken that advice I have seen a huge increase in traffic and this is exactly why content, high quality content that is, should be so important for your blog.

For The Visitor

The biggest reason as to why you need to concentrate on providing high quality content is of course for the pleasure of your visitor. When someone comes to your website, be it for the first time or a returning visitor, it is important that you are able to offer them something of value, a poorly written piece of content is not going to achieve that for you. You must ensure that when someone comes to check out your site that they can count on some high quality information or entertainment. This will help you to get more visitors in the future as well.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is how you can bump your blog up the search rankings for certain keywords and the way in which search engines such as Google determine the quality of your site is through a certain set of algorithms. Google, to continue with the example, have crawlers which work through every website in order to check out its suitability, one of the main things which it will focus on is high quality and well written content. You can invest in SEO of course but even at its most basic level, paying attention to delivering high quality content is going to greatly help you in getting noticed by these crawlers.

Sharing is Caring

One of the toughest challenges for anyone who has a website is trying to drive people to the website in the first instance. Social media is a commonly used tool in trying to achieve this but in order to maximize the amount of traffic which your site gets you need people to visit the website and then share its content amongst their friends and connections. In doing this you can help to exponentially grow your blog or website. You have to ask yourself therefore, what is it that people want to share? High quality and well written content is the answer, poor content will not be shared by many and this will result in you losing the chance to make a great impression.

Above all else you must focus on the quality of the content which you are producing on your site, do that and you will see a drastic change in terms of how many people check out your site.