Since the pandemic hit we have seen more and more people working from home than ever before. Yet, even as we emerge from the pandemic, many businesses are looking at maintain this remote working model, because of the clear range of benefits which it offers to both the business and the employer. Now, most employees are not too keen on continuing to work remotely from home, and they need another option if they are going to be able to work out of office. It is precisely for this reason that the likes of Audrey Gelman created the co-working space.

These are offices which you can buy a membership to, and they are the perfect solution for so many remote working employees.

Too Much Home Time

At first the idea of working from home makes a great deal of sense for employees, but after time this actually doesn’t provide them with the benefits which they need to get the job done. After all, home should be a place to relax and enjoy your time, the longer you work from home, it becomes the office too. In order to get that work/life balance, it is essential that employees have somewhere to go. This is why a co-working space offers the perfect opportunity to these employees.

The Chance to Network

Something which a co-working space is able to offer which a traditional office cannot, is the chance to network with people from other jobs and industries. Inside a co-working space however you will be working alongside people from just about every industry that you can think of. This provides you with a valuable chance to speak with others and to network across different sectors. Making these kind of relationships could certainly improve your job and provide you with a range of opportunities.

Comfortable Working Space

The reason why so many enjoy working from home is that it is a comfortable space for them. With this being said the home is almost too comfortable, and so we need a hybrid which we can work from, that will also provide a good place to be productive. This is where the co-working space fits in perfectly, an area which is comfortable and stress-free, yet one which is designed for you to get your head down and get some work done. Co-working spaces are literally designed with this concept in mind and that is again why they make so much sense.

Social Scene

Something which many complain about when it comes to no longer working in the office, is the social scene which they now miss out on. This again is where the co-working space is ideal, because they actively promote the socializing of its members. There are always events on and social activities which members can take part in, which will help them to better get to know those who regularly frequent the co-working space.

There is no doubt that as more people work remotely, co-working spaces will continue to grow in popularity.