Source: Jill Wellington on Pixabay

Wedding anniversaries are an exciting time for the couple and often you want to give your sweetie a gift that really stands out from the crowd. There’s a lot of tradition in terms of weddings and wedding gifts, but with more and more people doing their own thing today, the traditions of years past are beginning to get swept to the side. Gone are the days of giving paper or diamonds for most people, and instead husbands and wives alike are looking for new and ingenious ways to celebrate their love. Here are some unique and fun gifts you can give specifically your lady this year that will make her smile.

Name A Rose Or A Star

This is one of the best gifts you can give someone if you struggle to come up with something truly unique. Naming a star can be done online with ease and the person you’re naming the star after will get a lovely little certificate with the coordinates of their star so they can seek it out for themselves. Naming a rose is similar, but your loved one will get a rose grow kit that they can then name themselves. Pretty neat ideas, huh?

Date Specific Star Map

These fantastic star maps are great because they allow you to map what the stars looked like on a specific date, like the name suggests. Dates can be important dates to you and your wife – the day you met, got engaged, got married and the like. The printing comes on a piece of high quality poster sized paper, ideal for framing and hanging in an important place in your home. What better way to show someone your love than by wanting to freeze that moment in time via the stars?

Personalised Anniversary Journal

A personalised anniversary journal can be a brilliant keepsake to have – and it makes a great first anniversary gift. These journals are specific to your relationship and are a place where you can write loving notes and memories each day to remind yourselves of the good times when things go wrong – as they inevitably will. It’s a wonderful keepsake you can add to day by day, year by year to have a fantastic memory of your life together. What could be better?

Travel Treats

Whether you’ve travelled together or not, travel treats can be a great gift for any lady for an anniversary. Consider booking a fantastic getaway, if even for a weekend, to a unique destination you’ve both had your eye on. If you have travelled together before though, why not get a scratch off map of everywhere you’ve been together. There are ample travel based gifts focused on memories rather than actual travelling that can be turned into unique anniversary gifts.

So whether it’s your first or fiftieth wedding anniversary, hopefully this list of unique gifts will help you choose a great present for your lady that she will really be happy with now and for many years to come.