Find affordable adjustable beds and memory foam mattresses, perfect for easing health conditions like back pain and arthritis as you grow older.

Are you looking for an affordable electric adjustable bed to ease sciatica, arthritis, and other back problems? Many big brands like Silentnight, A J Foam, and Sealy offer state-of-the-art, wireless remote control electric beds, but at a hefty price that many older people can ill afford.

This article offers advice on how to compare the features and benefits of adjustable king-size beds together with some inexpensive alternatives to the big brands.

Power Adjustable Beds

When comparing prices on adjustable power beds, look first at the number of parts in the frame; it should have a minimum of four, preferably five parts to provide adequate adjustment for the neck, lower and upper back, and legs. Second, look at the mattress; memory foam is the most common material used for maximum comfort as it moulds to your body, unlike a sprung mattress, where you sit on top of it. Memory foam can also be custom-made to your exact height and weight and, unlike a sprung mattress which usually needs to lie flat when not in use to prevent damage to the springs, a foam mattress can be left in a raised position.

The handset should be easy to operate, taking into account any visual impairment issues, and the bed frame must be built to take the weight of the people using it. Otherwise, the electric motor may burn out too quickly. For a king-size adjustable bed, you will probably want the flexibility of two separate mattresses so that two people can sleep at different heights.

Affordable Electric Beds

Craftmatic is one of the most well-known electric bed brands and offers king-size beds with dual mattresses made with springs that are manufactured to bend. While they are high quality and represent great value for money, they are made by a big company with large manufacturing and marketing overhead costs.

One way to find more affordable electric beds is to buy from a small specialist company on a custom-made basis where quality remains high but costs low in line with minimal overheads. UK-based HF4You, for example, make five-part framed adjustable king-size beds with memory foam mattresses from just over £1600/$2500. They may not have wireless remote controls, but frames are hand-made, and mattresses match the exact height and weight of the people using them.

The moving parts and bed frame construction are the most expensive elements of an adjustable bed, and Sellers may tempt some buyers to purchase cheap memory foam mattresses to save on the overall cost.

Look closely at a depth of the mattress; however, as it should be at least 8 inches deep to give a comfortable night’s sleep, it must also be able to bear its load and take the stress of bending with the contours of the frame as it moves. Check the mattress’s lengths as cheaper options are sometimes made shorter to save on foam; they need to be at least 6 ft 6″ long to allow sufficient bend.

Electric Adjustable Bed

A good night’s sleep can become a reality for many people suffering from backache or arthritis as they grow older just by buying an electric adjustable bed. It’s important to do your research and compare features and prices online for dual bedded king-size electric beds before purchasing.