IT Infrastructure in your is the very foundation of everything that it does and managing this on your own can present you with a huge number of challenges. Unless your business specializes in this or you have an expert in-house, struggling by to manage your own IT infrastructure is not easy. My business here in Florida went through this for many years before finally biting the bullet and hiring a local Florida-based firm called Abaram Network Solutions. There was some worry before we outsourced this that it would be too costly, but it turned out to be the smartest decision which we have made. If you are still managing your IT in-house, here are some reasons why outsourcing it could be a good idea.

Lower Running Costs

We worked out that on average it was costing our business around $35k per year to manage our own IT systems, and that was just the salary of our in-house expert. Added to this salary were the costs of hiring that expert, plus the costs of the IT systems themselves. We have paid significantly less than this for Abaram to run the show and we are getting much more for our money than before.

The Gift Of Time

Businesses and business owners should be allowed to dedicate all of their time to the business which they are operating, not in trying to work out what has gone wrong with their network hardware. When you outsource an area of the business it is to bring some experts on board but also to free up time in the business which can be dedicated to the running of the business.

Latest Tech

Technology is changing so quickly and businesses must try to be at the forefront of those changes. Even if you and people in the business know a little about IT, it is is unlikely that you are going to know the best developments and how to implement them. IT infrastructure specialists like the team at Abaram live and breathe this industry which is why they are best placed to keep you at the cutting edge of new technology.


Speed is the key when you outsource this area of your business and we are not just talking about the speed of the systems which your employees are using. If you wish to scale up your operations then this could take time to re-build your IT infrastructure if you are doing things on your own. Equally you need to resolve issues quickly when something goes wrong as downtime in the business costs money. Outsourcing your IT management ensures that issues are resolved at high speed and you can count on 24/7 support. Furthermore if there is a demand in the business to scale up, this can be done very quickly using the experts.

Don’t struggle where it isn’t necessary, take a look at outsourcing your IT infrastructure and you’ll very quickly see the benefits of doing so.