More and more people are choosing Canada for their next vacation. The blissful, spacious country is more than just maple syrup and mooses! There’s a lot of fun things to do in Canada that most people have no idea about! Today, we’ll talk about the best place to go for canada holidays 2021, or anywhere in the future. 

#1 Visit Parliament Hill – Ottawa

In our opinion, the best thing about going on a Canadian vacation is how much people are surprised. For example, did you know that the capital of Canada is Ottawa, and not Toronto? How about his: Did you know that Canada is largely affiliated with the British empire still? If you visit the gorgeous and luxurious parliament hill, you’ll see this in action. Here, you can see amazing 19th century architecture, a fantastic changing of the guard, and take a nice walk along the river.

#2 – See the Polar Bears – Manitoba

See! We told you Canada is full of surprises! In Manitoba, you can visit remote northern towns in the winter months. Here, you’ll be very cold, but it’s well worth the adventure. Many small tourist towns of this region are full of enchanting frozen wonderlands, and lots of chances to see polar bears trying to catch a fish or two! Be on the lookout.

#3 Fundy National Park – Nova Scotia

If you’ve ever been to a mid west national park in the United States, you’ll know the importance and beauty of geology in nature. Here, you can see incredible ocean views along with dazzling colors of natural sediment, against huge cliffs and rocks. 

#4 – Jasper National Park – Alberta

Many people call this park the Yosemite of Canada. It’s unique Alberta location gives you that classic “Canadian wilderness” feeling without making you go too far or too north. It’s location also provides for some amazing ecological and natural wonders: Over 90 species of mammals lurk the woods, and there are hundreds of miles of glaciers, trees and mountains. This spot really is a spectacle. 

#5 – Canada Wonderland – Ontario

If you’re looking to cram the next Disney vacation or Six Flags retreat, look no further than Canada’s wonderland! This Canada themed park is full of amazing roller coasters, thrilling rides, great food, and more! 

#6 – CN Tower – Toronto

Planning a trip to Toronto is always fun. It’s like the Canadian version of New York, Chicago, Boston, and LA all rolled into one. If you’re an urbanite, this is your home away from home.The CN tower? It’s much bigger than any other building around. Picture the Space Needle but huger, and with an insane view of the city.  

#7 – Hopewell Rocks – New Brunswick

To finish our list, we invite you to the incredible Hopewell Rocks, a chain of massive rock islands that mysteriously protrude straight from the water! The ocean’s tide really makes this a great location to visit. During the lower tide, you can take hikes and even guided tours around the rocks. During high tide however, you can get much higher up as a result of the raised water level, and kayak around the sea!