If you’re a college kid, you’re probably in a pretty tough spot financially. After all, the average net worth of an undergrad student these days is usually below  -$50,000! We all know the stereotype of the stingy, starving college kid. They are doing anything to save money, even if they’re eating ramen 3 times a day and buying temporary student car insurance. Maybe it’s time students become go getters, and use their time to ease the burden on their wallet. If this sounds like you, welcome to the world of the side hustle. Today, we’ll discuss the most practical, affordable, and effective ways to make an extra income as a college student.

1. Helping out with pets

The thing about pets is that most people have them, and they are a living breathing liability. Pets are like kids in a sense, and they are a lot of work to manage. A great way you can ease the burden of your community and make money anywhere is by pet sitting! These jobs are often very easy, and very chill. If you like working for yourself, doing basic tasks, and not worrying about a boss, this is for you! Tasks are usually simple like walking a dog, cleaning a cage, or replacing food/water bowls. Besides, who doesn’t want to hang out with an animal companion? 

2. Make a Youtube Account

Any platform where you can post simple content and leave it up is great, not just YouTube. This is because of something called “passive income”. This is when something is generating money for you months or even years after the work is done. The sweet spot of content creation is something that’s more than a quick post and less than a deeply planned project. This usually means a quick short vlog or blog post every few days.

3. Teach people things online! 

What is your “thing”? The thing you’re passionate about, better at than most people, and have a deep understanding of? With a little bit of work, you can turn that dream into your next online class! Tutoring over the internet is easy, and if you turn it into a class you could be making the big bucks! Figure out if you’re a natural teacher, and get to work! 

4. Sell your items

If you’re going off to college and need to downsize your belongings/closet, you could be sitting on a pile of money waiting to be cashed. Many people have accumulated many valuables and gifts over the years. You never know! You may have a lot to sell! 

5. Be an assistant

Tons of people need an assistant, and it’s an easy job! Are you good at organizing stuff? Simply  do it for others! There’s a lot of demand for this, in person and online! 

6. Do a work study

Although this method is pretty traditional, the work study program is usually at a lot of colleges. This is a great, peaceful environment to be a part of while you do easy tasks and get some homework done. The original “side hustle”!