Getting old is something that pretty much every living creature faces. For many, it can be a drag. A few boring, painful slowed down years before death. At the same time, technology is progressing in such a way that getting older is becoming easier and easier. There’s pills, diets, even lifts for home use to make aging as comfortable as possible. If a comfortable aging experience sounds like something you’re trying to achieve, stick around. Today, we’re going over the 5 best tips to make sure you age with grace and dignity. 

1 – Treat your skin with care 

Did you know that the most common kind of cancer is melanoma, or cancer of the skin? This doesn’t seem so bad compared to other cancers, but it is. Skin cancer requires painful and ugly incisions to get rid of, and can spread to other parts of the body quite easily. You might be thinking about how putting on sunscreen can stop this. You’d be right…to an extent. There’s two flaws to using sunscreen as your primary way to protect your skin. First of all, the sun screen can’t protect against all sun damage. Even the best spf is no match for hours under the sun, or light that you didn’t plan on being exposed to. Also, inhaling sunscreen (even a little bit) can increase your risk of lung cancer. We recommend wearing a hat often. 

2 – Have a steady diet 

A lot of times people think about what their diet will look like when they’re old, and they don’t picture anything pleasant. Most people think of the most bland chicken, nasty vegetables, along with liquids like soup and jello. There is some merit to this, insofar as rapid deterioration of health means diet must be monitored frequently. However, for the majority of the aging process, one can get by simply my eating habits that you’re supposed to follow your entire life. You know, simple stuff like “Make sure to eat your greens” or “Get in a lot of lean protein.” By following basic health advice, you avoid any deficient “fad” diets of many old people, and eat a healthy, delicious palate of food. 

3 – Keep stress to a minimum

Although it’s not often discussed, having as little stress as possible is considered by many to be the secret to old age. Don’t take our word for it, you can look up videos of interviews with the elderly yourself. Pretty much every single person of old age discusses their ability to age well in terms of being happy, loving, and letting things go. Plus, stress affects blood pressure! 

4 – Get plenty of sleep

They call it beauty sleep for a reason! It helps slow the process of aging. Here’s a thought experiment: What do you feel like when you don’t sleep? Probably groggy like an old person, right? It’ll only feel worse when you actually are an old person, so get that sleep in! 

5 – Unplug

Everyone knows that too much screen time is bad for you, but how many people actually practice what they preach? If you’re reading this, take a break, for your health!