Source: Gabor Mika on Pixabay

It seems that these days everyone is into health and wellness to some degree. One of the most popular ways to stay healthy and on top of your wellness A game is to eat well, and by well, we mean properly. Far too many people these days eat fast foods without thinking about what it does to their body, on top of eating lots of processed meats, cheeses, and snacks. If you’re looking to up your healthy eating game, look no further than adding a bit more oomph to your shopping with these 5 superfoods you should add to your shopping list. 


Berries of all kinds are not just delicious, but crazily nutritious. Some more superfood berries you should try are blueberries or acai berries. Both are rich in antioxidants and provide a healthy addition to almost any kind of yogurt, cereal or just as a snack. Blueberries are much sweeter than acai can be, but acai are great for those who like a slightly more bitter taste. Both can be added to smoothies for that extra kick of nutrition or eaten plain while watching TV in place of things like chips, crisps or candy. Berries of all types though are great superfood additions to a shopping list, with strawberries and blackberries being two of the most popular.

Sweet Potatoes

There’s a reason sweet potato fries became a huge thing – it’s due to the nutrition! Sweet potatoes (sometimes called yams) can be baked, boiled or fried and have a slightly sweet taste to them along with an enjoyable orange colour and a much softer texture than normal potatoes. They also have much less of the carbohydrates and starch compared to regular potatoes, making them a great choice for anyone who is looking for a health conscious addition to their diet. Pick them up from our local grocery store to try today with meat, in a stew or soup. Soups are the best made with sweet potatoes – they provide a great consistency and flavour and won’t disappoint.


Two of our personal favourites, both spinach and kale are absolutely packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that you just don’t get from other foods. Spinach and kale can both be cooked in a whole myriad of ways from sauteed, boiled and raw. Of course with green leafy vegetables, it’s always better to have them raw to maximise the nutrient potential, but they can be enjoyed however you like. Spinach can also be added to smoothies for a huge boost of fibre and iron and without too much of a strange flavour. All in all, these are two of our favourites.


Kefir and yogurt are two similar products both made of milk. While commercial yogurt may have a lot of added sugars to it, kefir can be easily made at home from what is known as a ‘mother’. Kefir is similar to yogurt but with a thinner consistency that means it’s easily drinkable, and can be tolerated by people with lactose issues due to the fermentation process. This means it’s full of great probiotic nutrients as well as calcium and a variety of vitamins.

There you have some seriously tasty and healthy superfoods you should try this week. With so many amazing superfoods on the market, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Which will you try first?