For many camper shoppers, a loan is the best way to finance their vehicle purchases. It helps to reduce your financial burden by spreading out your payments over a specific period. This way, you get to enjoy some level of financial freedom that you otherwise wouldn’t if you’d paid cash.

Depending on your choice of lender, your loan application can be filed and finalized within days or weeks. However, it usually isn’t so simple. Certain factors can arise which would affect your chances of qualifying for a camper loan.

Why online camper financing is the best option

Camper loans from online lenders typically involve a quick and easy online application process. This enables a quick funding process as you’re not weighed down by excessive paperwork. Unlike more traditional lending options, online camper financing also makes allowance for individuals with less than average credit scores.

Need we mention the 24/7 customer service, discounts and promotions online lenders also provide? Before you apply for a loan, you also have the option of prequalifying to check your rate. This enables you to decide whether or not the loan terms meet your requirements.

How to easily qualify for camper financing

1. Decide what kind of financing you’re interested in

Camper loans can be gotten from banks, dealerships, credit unions, and online lenders. The first step is to consider the pros and cons of each option. This would help you decide what would work best for you. Bear in mind that the rates and terms offered by each of these financiers would differ.

A quick tip: Online lenders offer more competitive rates. The process is also less stressful, and you can apply at your convenience.

2. Consider your credit score

Your credit score lies at the top of the list of what lenders typically look out for on a loan application. Your credit score is a testament to how well you handle your credit and the higher your score, the better your chance of securing favorable loan terms.

If your credit history shows that you’ve taken out loans that remain unpaid, this could negatively affect your application.

A quick tip: Pay up any overdue loans and ensure that your credit is in order before filing a loan application.

3. How much do you intend to borrow?

Before you go-ahead to take out a loan for your camper, go shopping to compare prices. The value of your chosen camper would ultimately determine how much you intend to borrow. A bigger down payment is often the best way to reduce the loan amount.

A quick tip: Don’t forget to factor in tax, registration fees, gear and the cost of other utilities. This would give you a clear idea of the overall amount you require to fully finance your camper.


When shopping for financing options, a comparison is essential. Find out the actual worth of your camper or RV and use this information to weigh the loan terms offered by lenders. Do not trust that the first offer you get is the best one. Shop around and compare rates.

Your knowledge of interest rates, APRs and loan terms offered by competing lenders would give you an edge during negotiations.