Wooden furniture has a style, grace and elegance all of its own. Qualities which are only enhanced by its strength and durability. When it comes to choosing the right piece of furniture for your home a solid piece of wooden furniture would be a great choice. But is it worth it?

It seems we’ve always loved wooden furniture and it could potentially have existed since early man stopped being nomadic travellers and settled down in one place.

This settling would have led to permanent dwellings. And those dwellings needed furniture. It is nice to have something to sit on, or somewhere to store stuff, after all.

Wooden Furniture Has Been Popular Through The Ages

Due to the decomposable nature of wood the first actual archaeological record we have in regards to wooden furniture is from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. According to a professor with a masters in History the rich of that time ‘put money into commissioning wooden furniture’ which were recognised as indicators of power.

Among the items made were beds, wooden stools and tray-tables. It was when arms and legs were added to the stools that the first throne chairs came about.

Apparently this was ‘a practice the Mesopotamians built on by establishing a hierarchy of furniture that was only accessible to people of certain privileges’ and that ‘this set a precedent that certain kinds of chairs were only made for royalty’. A tradition which endured throughout the centuries.

A lot of time has passed since. A lot of great furniture has been made. The appeal of wooden furniture is still enduring and never-ending.

But what are the qualities that make wooden furniture so popular? Why do we go back to it time and time again, age after age? Why is it worth it?

Reasons Wooden Furniture Is Worth It

Strength and Durability

Wooden furniture is strong and durable. It is a tough, long-lasting material, which, when looked after, can last a very long time. The oldest piece of wooden furniture in the world is believed to be over 2,700 years old!

Because of its long-lasting nature a good piece of furniture would be a sound investment as it would continue to provide value long after its purchase.

Look and Feel

A well-crafted piece of furniture has a timeless alluring appeal. It could be considered a work of art. According to the style and type of wood used you can have a piece which has a unique and interesting look and feel.

As wood is fairly easily looked after it means it can retain that special appeal for many years to come.


Such is the broad range of woods, and styles of furniture available, that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to variety.

Woods can be dark or pale, deep reddish brown or light and soft brown. They can be hardwood or softwood. And they can come in many different styles and looks. Even the natural grain of the wood can help give it a unique look and finish.

There is no doubt that some wooden furniture is timeless. It has a natural appeal and aesthetic quality which has appealed to us throughout the ages and will continue to do so. But, as in all tings of this ilk, it takes an expert to be able to truly appreciate and understand what makes a great piece of furniture.

You can get a taste of what great quality furniture looks like here. From the sheer amount of quality wooden furniture pieces out there you are sure to be able to find the right one. Be that stylistically or for practicality reasons. There’s a reason we have loved wooden furniture for so long and why we think it is worth it. I can’t see that reason changing anytime soon. Can you?