Who doesn’t love enjoying a quality time with their beloved? But fancy candle light dinners at expensive restaurants and spending night at a cruise are a little outdated. Why not try dating ideas that will give you best memories without making you skint? Here we have 10 amazing plans for you that will urge you to try them as soon as possible:

  1. Try A Theme Park: If you and your partner love amusing yourself with roller coasters, take out sometime and go to a theme park. You will have plenty of opportunities to get intimate with each other while enjoying those thrilling rides.
  1. Go For Camping: You might be tired of the busy city life. Why not try some time out with your partner exploring the nature? Just pack your bags, take your essentials and go for camping at your favorite spot. Try hiking or just relax enjoying the beautiful sunset.
  1. Cozy Up In The Bed: While going out and dressing up has its perks, but cozying up all day with your partner is something you should definitely try out. Days like winter when it’s snowing outside, you both can just cuddle in a warm blanket, and drink hot chocolate.
  2. Try Bonfire At Beach: This is especially fun when you are planning to hang out with your friends group or going on a double date. You can reunite with your school mates, do a barbeque or just spend your night watching the shooting stars.
  1. Grab Your Favorite Latte: This is a great idea if you want to win the heart of your crush. Stalk her Facebook, see what latte she loves the most, and take her to a lavish café. Look into her eyes and show how much you adore her.
  1. Book A Cabin: If you are totally head over heels in love, book a cabin and get intimate with your beloved. Don’t have a partner to go out with? Try out cheap London escorts for a night stand.
  1. Drive Up To A Museum: Seems like a boring idea, right? But believe it or not, you can get an amazing photo-shoot there and become a trend setter on instagram; with hashtag #CoupleGoals.
  1. Shop at Your Favorite Bookstores: Who doesn’t love the smell of new books? And especially when you and your partner have share love for the same genres? So why not go on a book store and get your copies signed by your favorite authors?
  1. Bake Your Favorite Cake Together: Another very good idea of having a cozy day at home. Go for the ingredients shopping, buy some cream cheese and bake a cheesecake you both love.
  1. Spend a Day With Pets: Though couples love to enjoy their time alone, but volunteering at an animal shelter is another great idea. This way you both will see the gentle, kind and emotional side of each other while taking care of those cute puppies and kittens.