World’s Most Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous DrugsThere is always been a big controversy over the legalization of dangerous drugs. One side argues that they are harmful, while others state that they are harmless to everyone but the person taking them. Who really knows? Maybe one day they will all be legal and you will have to judge if you use them for yourself. Today, the most common of these are illegal or not available without a prescription. The one’s on this list are a bit different, though. These are SUPER drugs. Stuff made up to really, REALLY get you high.



Back in 1949, the U.S. Government decided that they needed to find some drugs that they could use on a civilian populaces. They started working on this drug, known as dimethylheptylpyran or “DMHP), during the Edgewood Arsenal Experiments. The drug is similar to normal marijuana, although part of its DNA is changed around. This highly increased the potency of the drug. The military scientists found that merely 1mg of the drug could cause soldiers to become stoned for up to three days! This testing went on throughout the 1970s and was finally abandoned after the United States signed a treaty to stop working on chemical warfare. Testing showed that large quantities of this drug could lower the heart rate so much that death occurred.



In Russia when they want to make a designer drug, they make it themselves – and it is some scary stuff! They take a bunch of over-the-counter pain killers, mix it up with some lighter fluid and household chemicals, then throw in some cleaning oil. The result is a brown, gunky paste that can kill you. It’s called Krokodil (pronounced Crocodile), because taking too much of it will turn your skin scaly and leather-like – just like a crocodile! What’s worse, is that these drugs, which give a high like heroin, actually kill human flesh and you start to rot on the bone – but hey, at least you are high, right? Those who abuse this substance typically turn grey and rot before they die. This crap is so bad, I couldn’t even show you a picture of the results – they were too traumatic. If you want to see how bad this drug screws with people, just Google the images of Krokodil. Make sure you aren’t on a full stomach…



This stuff is known as Bromo-DragonFLY and is a hallucinogen, similar to LSD. The difference is that it’s a bit more powerful. Even still, it is sometimes swapped with LSD because a smaller amount gives a stronger high. Usually the effects of LSD last anywhere from 1-3 hours, but with Bromo-DragonFLY, this effect can be extended to 1-3 DAYS. Just like LSD, there are some side effects to Bromo-DragonFLY, too. These include: constricting blood vessels, seizures, and AMPUTATION of limbs due to necrosis and gangrene. I’m not sure, but that doesn’t seem worth it…There are rehabs for LSD addiction that people can enter so you can save your limbs.



Everyone wants to lose a few extra pounds once in awhile, but it is better to try exercise and eating right than trying 2,4-Dinitrophenol or DNP. This yellowish-gem was invented back in the 1930s to help women get into those tight corsets, but it had a sinister side effect – it kills you.  When they tell you that you need to burn some calories, they actually mean it. A calorie is a unit of energy. By increasing the use of that energy, DNP literally BURNED PEOPLE from the inside out. While they were losing weight, they were also increasing their core body temperature, which, in turn, increased their heart rate and eventually killed them. You can still buy DNP from a pharmacy. Why this hasn’t been banned is unknown.



In Columbia, they use a special sort of drug that criminals use to blow into your face. The result is a combination of amnesia and truth serum. The drug is called, “Scopolamine” or “Levo-duboisine” and criminals use this as a dust to blow into people’s faces. The people that have this done to them start having a hallucinogenic effect that includes memory loss. Some victims have been known to open up their homes or empty their bank accounts and not remembering why they would do such a thing.