Which Action Heroes Have Killed The Most Bad Guys?

Which Action Heroes Have Killed The Most Bad Guys?

killed the most bad guysMany people love to see an action film. The explosions, the violence, the quirky lines (“Hasta La Vista, Bay-Bee“) keep bringing us back for more. Through the years, the body count of bad guys has continued to rise and most of us probably don’t have a clue as to how many of these modern action heroes have actually slain, but, lucky for us, the Southern California Mathematics Society is there. They actually have gone through the trouble to count the number of baddies that haven’t made it throughout the years and have a tally for us. Here are the Action Heroes that have racked up the most bad guys throughout the years. You might be surprised at who is on the list! NOTE: All movies are based upon 2012 kill count calculations.

Killed The Most Bad Guys: Chuck Norris


He may be the “King of the Internet Meme”, but Chuck Norris barely makes this list with a meager 516 kills to his name. It is a given that if Chuck Norris willed everyone on this list to be killed, they would be gone, but for the time being, he’s contained himself to just being in the top five. It’s a good thing he decided to be in the last Expendables movie, too. The sixty-one kills he was able to rack up in that movie edged him out over Mel Gibson who was vying for the position with over 430 kills to his name, not including anti-semitic rants.



Killed The Most Bad Guys: Arnold Schwarzenegger


Before I started writing this list, I would have guessed the Governator would have been at the top of the kill spree. Not even close! Damn you, John Connor for keeping his kill numbers down! Damn you! Sadly, Schwarzeneggar only kills 572 people in his years of barely legible tag lines and acts of violence. I would have thought he would have had that kill total just in his Conan the Barbarian career alone. Part of this lower number is that Schwarzenegger didn’t like portraying the bad guy after making the first Terminator movie and switched over to more wholesome family programming. Just think of the damage he might have incurred in Twins or Kindergarten Cop?


[gn_quote style=”1″]Damn you, John Connor, and your ‘No kill’ orders! Damn you![/gn_quote]
Killed The Most Bad Guys: Hsrrison Ford


This one kind of surprised me. When I think of action heroes, Where is Jason Statham? Jet Li? Jackie Chan?  Surely, at least Bruce Willis would have made this list, right?  I don’t think of the guy who was the leading man in Sabrina or Working Girl. However, Harrison Ford has been in so many movies, that it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise to learn that his kill count is at 536. Whether he’s traveling the galaxy as Han Solo, taking down Nazi jackboots in Indiana Jones, or protecting the country as Jack Ryan, Harrison Ford is truly a bad ass.



Killed The Most Bad Guys: Sylvester Stallone


Sly is one of the all time great action heroes. Besides his famous Rocky-films (of which he killed no one), He starred in such murderous hits as: The Rambo series, Demolition Man, The Expendables, etc…Being a killing machine like Sylvester Stallone, you might expect him to be in the top five, but Stallone has made some pretty mild films where he hardly killed anyone at all. Case in point – First Blood, the first Rambo movie. There were lots of shooting, a lot of soldiers and police on the scene, but Rambo was only looking to hurt people – not kill them. In fact, other than some dogs and a wild boar, only one person is accidentally killed in the entire movie.  By the time we get to Rambo IV (2008), an average of 2.8 kills per minute occur, but only 83 are caused by John Rambo. With a total of 650 kills in 22 movies, Stallone is good, but doesn’t hold the title. That’s reserved for…



Killed the most bad guys: Dolph Lundgren


What? Forgot for about Ivan Drago? Didn’t even consider him on the list? Dolph Lundgren may not have had the high-profile movies of the other people on this list, but he knows how to kill topping the charts with a whopping 701 bad guys pushing up daisies.  This Fulbright Scholarship Award winning MIT alum is not only a huge killing machine, but he’s smart, too.  He has a masters degree in Chemical Engineering, but found out that you could meet more girls as an action hero than as a nerd…so he became an actor. He’s appeared in mainly B-Rate movies, such as “Red Scorpion” (1988) and “The Punisher (1989), but it is these films that gave him plenty of cannon fodder to rack up his kills. Most people know him best for his performance as the Russian boxer in the Stallone movie, Rocky IV (1985). Lundgren is still acting today and is set to appear in the upcoming Expendables 3 (due out in 2014) and six other action films.


Sorry Bruce Willis…you’re not even in the Top 10…