What If Marilyn Monroe Had Not Died?

What if Marilyn Monroe Hadn't Died?

What If Marilyn Monroe Had Not Died?Marilyn Monroe is one of the biggest Hollywood icons even though she has been dead for more than fifty years. She died of a drug overdose in 1962 during a time, which many feel, was the height of her popularity. But what would have happened if she did not die? What if she had lived on to perform? Here is a look at Alternative History and the answers to What if Marilyn Monroe had not died!


When Marilyn Monroe died, she was 36 years old. She had twenty-five films, been nominated for an Oscar, posed in Playboy, and was married to New York Yankees Star, Joe DiMaggie, and playwright, Arthur Miller. She was the J.Lo of her time and her life was snuffed out at the age of thirty-six. Maybe her death had made her larger-than-life? It is over fifty years since her death and people still remember her. What if…she had lived?



If Marilyn Monroe could have maintained her icon status, she might have been making movies, even now, well into her 80s. She was extremely popular and had created a stir making both comedies and dramas. She wanted to prove that she was not just another “pretty face” and could act, as well as be beautiful. Some question whether or not she had the stamina to remain a movie icon and chalk up her popularity to her untimely death. What is for certain is that we will never know.




By the time of her death, Marilyn Monroe was a mess. She was aging at a time the movie studios didn’t cast older actresses and she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. On the set of her last movie, The Misfits, with Clark Gable, Eli Wallach, and Montgomery Clift, Monroe caused a lot of trouble, forcing the production of the movie into delays. All of the problems on this movie were not her fault, but one of the issues was that she was divorcing Arthur Miller at the time and he was the film’s screenwriter. When an actor causes trouble on the set it can spread like a disease throughout the movie making community. Monroe’s personal problems may have led to fall from Hollywood as less and less directors wanted to work with her. Racked with depression, mixed with addictions, she might still have died at a young age.




The older an actress got in the late 1950s and 60s, the less important she became. There were acting jobs for character actors, but no leading lady roles for someone in their mid-thirties and older. Marilyn was falling into this category and she knew it. It also helped to lead to her depression. While in her 20s, the world was focused on her every move, she was beginning to lose her charm. What is worse, she was under contract with 20th Century Fox studios and it was headed by Darryll Zanuck who absolutely loathed Monroe. Because of this, he often offered her films that were doomed to failure or were sub-par to her acting level. There is a good chance that Monroe would have not had her contract renewed in 1963 and she would have been forced to work in independent films that were taking hold in the 1960s. If this is the case, Monroe would probably on been seen sporadically on television and the silver screen and we would have been watching guest appearances of her on Starsky and Hutch and The Love Boat in later years. Eventually, no one would remember who she was.




This is quite a real possibility in her career. Monroe was working with Paula Strasberg of the Actor’s Studio during the time of her death. Her husband, the famous Lee Strasberg thought that Monroe was a gifted actress and they both worked to transition her to the stage. Unfortunately for Monroe, she had horrible stage fright that she was trying to overcome. If she could have accomplished this, there is a good chance that the Strasbergs could have catapulted her to fame on Broadway.




In today’s world, everything is in the public’s eye when it comes to the President of the United States. Back in 1960, this wasn’t so. News reporters were a bit more discreet in what they reported. Even if everyone on the Network Channels and in Washington DC knew about an affair between Monroe and John F. Kennedy, it never would have made the evening news. It was a different time period. If the affair had been made public, though, it is likely that it would have ruined Monroe’s and Kennedy’s careers. The American public would not have stood idly by in the years prior to Vietnam. An affair would have far-reaching affects on the political structure. It is rumored by some conspiracy theorists that this is the reason Marilyn Monroe died at such a young age. These people claim it was the Kennedy’s or their people who killed Monroe to stop her from bringing the affair to the public’s attention. What do you think?