What Happens If The Government Shuts Down?

Government ShutdownDon’t care that the government can possibly shut down on Friday? You might think differently if it affects you, personally. No one knows exactly what will happen if the Congress allows the government to shut down, but we can look at what happened the last time, in 1995 (yes, the government has shut down before).  If they shut down the government, there is a pretty good chance you will feel the fallout.  Take a look at the list below and then see if you think the government shut down is a good idea.  As for me…I think they need to pass something to keep the lights on.  No blame is going out to the Republicans, Democrats or the President here.  This is just a look at what is at stake.  Just remember who was cheering when the prospect of closing the government comes to be.


myfivebest -1Our Military Is Affected
By law, our soldiers still have to fight for our country. However, they won’t get paid until after the government starts up again.  Additionally, they won’t be receiving any disability medical benefits or pension claims.  Hopefully, Spring semester already started for our veterans going to college.  The nitty gritty of the whole thing is that a government shutdown is going to suck for our armed forces.  Congress…is it really a wise thing to stop paying the men and women with the guns?  Note: They’ll get paid eventually.  Just not while the government is shut down.


myfivebest - 2If Your Unemployed, You Might Want To Worry
Last time the government shut down, six states ran out of money to pay the unemployed.  Now before you think, “How long was the government shut down?“, the answer was 4 days the first time in 1995 and then again for 20 days a month later.  So, in just over three weeks, six states went broke and couldn’t make unemployment payments!  Not a lot of time.  In addition to the unemployed, this might not be a good time to retire.  Over twenty thousand new applications for social security and Medicare were delayed until the Congress started working again.  Plan on the same thing happening again.


myfivebest - 3Forget About Exporting
Last time, $3 billion dollars of American exports will sit and rot on the docks.  Federal inspectors cannot monitor what comes in and goes out of the country if the government is closed.  With no products going out the door, less money is coming in.  It works that way.  You have to actually ship the product that people are ordering.  If manufacturers can’t ship stuff out of the country, they will lose money and the result is that they will have to lay off American employees.  That’s good for the economy as a whole!  I thought we were looking to lower the unemployment rate!


myfivebest - 4The Economy Comes To A Screeching Halt
Let’s see, how else will the shutdown of the government affect you, the American citizen?  If you are planning on buying a house and you need the Federal Housing Administration to guarantee your loan – forget about it.  They are not working.  If you haven’t done your taxes by Friday and you are expecting a tax refund – something that really does stimulate the economy – you might have to wait until June or July to receive your check.  Businesses get nervous when the government shuts down, too.  Don’t be surprised when that job you’ve been interviewing for suddenly puts hiring on hold.  People spending money stimulates the economy.  A lack of refund checks doesn’t keep the economy running.


myfivebest - 5Wally World Is Closed
Planning a vacation this year?  Wouldn’t a trip out to Yellowstone National Park be nice?  Maybe you are planning on going to the Everglades down in Florida or the Grand Canyon?  Sorry.  They will be closed.  When the government shuts down, the national parks shut down.  Even smaller parks like the Cuyahoga Valley in my own backyard will be closed.  With Spring finally here, that kind of stinks that you can’t make it out to the towpaths.  Oh, and it doesn’t stop at just a national park.  The Smithsonian museum will also be closed, so if you are planning on a trip to Washington while the government is shut down, you won’t be viewing the Wright Brother’s airplane or the early NASA rockets.  They will be behind closed doors.  At least you’ll be able to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument from a distance.  It would have been nice to show your children the Statue of Liberty, wouldn’t it?  It will be closed this year because of stubborn politicians.  I am sure your children can come back some other time.


Here are some books and DVDs to remind you of what we’ll be missing when the government shuts down.