Ways To Make Money With No Experience

Make Money With No Experience

[ReviewAZON name=”home” id=”90″ display=”inlinepost” asin=”1589976088″ trackingid=”mywebsource1-20″ country=”us” width=”200px” float=”left” imagetop=”10px”]We live in a very rough economy. Times are tough and people are trying to make ends meet.  You might be one of those who lost their job and have been unable to secure another means of employment. What can a person do if they lack experience or cannot find work? How about going to work for yourself? You have probably seen the ads online where you can make money from home, but are not sure which offers to go after.  Here is a list of five work-from-home opportunities with a review of each. Note: These are not get-rich-quick deals. As with any job, you have to work at them to make money. The benefit of these opportunities is that you can make money with no experience.



Make Money With No Experience: Paid Social Media Jobs

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It seems impossible, doesn’t it? These web sites are fun to be on, but you can actually make some money while you’re surfing around on these sites. There are companies that will pay you to write comments on different people’s Facebook posts and Twitter feeds. All you need is a computer, internet access, and the ability to use these social media sites. One of the best sources for this that I’ve found is: PaidSocialMediaJobs. You sign up for their service and then browse the jobs they have available. You are able to work on as many of these jobs as you like and you get paid directly to your bank account. You’ll be in charge on managing Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, and uploading videos to YouTube. No experience is necessary and you can work as many hours a week as you can spare.




Take Surveys From Home

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Sharing your opinion online has been around for a long time. Large companies are always willing to pay people to review their products and offer opinions.  You can get paid between $5-$100 for taking a survey. Many survey places will also give you a sample of the product if they appreciate your response. I have been taking surveys for about eight years. In that time, I have received a case of Pepsi Max, chewing gum, a gallon of orange juice, sunglasses, and even beer! It just depends on the client and what they offer. Making a couple of hundred bucks a month is not out of the ordinary. It certainly can help pay off some of your bills and they only take about 10 minutes to complete. You can sign up to take surveys here: Get Paid To Take Surveys!




Get Paid To Shop

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If you are one of those people who like to buy things, then this could be the job for you! I’ve known several people who have done very well becoming a mystery shopper. With this job, you find a company that is interested in checking on customer service and quality.  You go to the location and follow a set of directions that the company has asked you to do. This is usually something simple, like going to a fast food restaurant drive through and checking to make sure the person asks you if you’d like to “super-size” the order. You answer the questions and the company pays you for your purchase and gives you a stipend for your trouble! You can usually do as many of these jobs as you like. They don’t take very long to complete and you get plenty of free food and merchandise out of the deal. If you would like to become a mystery shopper, sign up here: Mystery Shopping.


My Camera Biz

Make $$$ Selling Photos

Are you an amateur photographer? Do you have an eye for detail and take beautiful pictures? Then you can sell those pictures online! There are career opportunities available for people to take photos with their cameras and then uploading them to the internet. You don’t even need to have an expensive camera to get paid doing this, you simply need a creative eye – and if you don’t have one, this web site will help you to take the pictures that sell! You can get involved with this opportunity right now by clicking here: Sign Up To Sell Photos Online!




Make Money Mailing Postcards

Make Money Mailing Postcards

This money making opportunity is pretty simple: You mail out postcards for other companies. There’s no selling, no stuffing envelopes, just mailing. If you can mail one hundred postcards a day, you can make money in ten days! They provide you with templates of the postcards to mail and you can send out as many of them as you wish. You make your money when someone signs up for the offer and the company provides you with the mailing list.  I have done mailings in the past and the typical response rate on direct mail is 1%-3%. The company shows you how to do this from start to finish and the profits can be in the thousands of dollars. To get involved with this opportunity, sign up here at: Make Money Sending Out Postcards